Signs You Need to See a Dentist

Updated on February 20, 2020


Accepting that you need to see a doctor when you have a tight schedule with no time to waste may seem like a tall order. However, certain conditions may become severe and have expensive repercussions if left untreated. It is advised to visit the dentist like this Dentist In New York for your oral health check-up every six months. How many of us go for such appointments? Only you can answer that. You may develop symptoms that call for a doctor’s attention due to the severity of their consequences. It is not only possible to treat severe conditions at the dentist, but also likely to enhance your dental formula for a better look. Contact cosmetic dentistry Newport Beach specialists for solutions concerning the enhancement to make you look good and feel confident, and to treat conditions that may affect your oral health adversely.

Adverse Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be very irritating, especially over prolonged periods. It denies you the opportunity to enjoy your food since anything hot, cold, or spicy spells doom. The pain becomes unbearable and a living nightmare. Tooth sensitivity results from exposure or inflammation of nerve tissue in the teeth. Causes may range from tooth fracturing, gum recession, and tooth grinding. Do not suffer in silence and affect the quality of your life. Consult a doctor on possible remedies.

Jaw Complications

Your jaws may become swollen from possible causes such as physical injury. It may also produce a clicking sound and lock, thus refusing to open and close normally. A swollen jaw may result from a tooth infection as well as from the development of a growth that may need removal. A clicking jaw may come from minor dislocation from taking an uneven bite. Let a doctor look at such cases early enough and provide simple treatment rather than wait for the situation to worsen and have to treat a more significant problem that may require major surgery.

Cracked Tooth

You may have suffered an accident that may have cracked one of your teeth. It can cause a lot of pain or result in tooth sensitivity. In severe cases, a cracked tooth provides a pathway for bacteria to attack and cause severe infections. Visit a doctor to get a tooth filling for small cracks and a root canal for more significant cracks.

Pus Formation

This is a severe symptom that should see you visiting the doctor immediately. Pus in your mouth is a sure sign of an infection on your dental formula. The disease could emanate from a tooth and may have serious implications if left untreated. The pus carries bacteria that may spread to the brain, causing a fatal infection. It could also spread to the digestive system and introduce lethal bacteria. Possible treatments include taking antibiotics to kill the bacteria while draining the pus from the infected area. If you visit the doctor too late, you may have to undergo a root canal or major surgery to correct the problem.

Persistent Mouth Sore

Check your oral health care for possibilities of persistent mouth sores. While you get mouth sores that come and go, if it stays for an extended period, it can be a sign of mouth cancer. Visit a doctor for a cancer screening to verify your oral health status.

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