Signs That You Need to Detox Your Scalp

The health of your hair depends on a number of factors. Aside from the nutrients absorbed by the hair, the state of your hair follicles and the health of your scalp also play important roles in determining whether your hair can grow healthily and beautifully. In fact, many of the issues related to hair health – including hair loss – stem from problems with the scalp.

There are several reasons why detoxing your scalp is a necessary step to take. Here are the three main signs that you need to detox your scalp.

Severe Hair Loss

One of the most obvious signs to look out for is severe hair loss. Sudden and severe hair loss is usually caused by two things: an unhealthy scalp not delivering enough nutrients and the hair breaking due to other issues. You can easily check if hair loss is caused by one or the other by taking a strand of hair and testing its strength. If the strand of hair breaks easily when force is applied to it, then you need to treat the hair follicles for better strength.

On the other hand, a quick scalp detox can help remove unwanted chemicals and substances that could cause – or are causing – hair loss. Try to run your finger across the scalp and see if it catches oil or dry skin cells. You can also search for areas where running your finger across them causes pain.

Frequent Headaches

Problems with the scalp can also cause frequent headaches. When oil and other materials gather around hair shafts and follicles, your scalp quickly turns into the perfect place for bacteria to grow. Oil build up allows bacteria to grow rapidly.

This type of problem usually causes a series of other issues leading to the frequent headaches. Dandruff is a sign that is easy to watch. Excessive dry skin cells are also clear signs that your scalp needs some attention. Once enough bacteria take over, you’ll start having more severe symptoms like the frequent headaches mentioned earlier.

A detox is a must in this case. Thanks to hair detoxifier products, you can now detox your scalp at home. The entire process takes no more than a few minutes and you will feel so much better afterward.

Itchy and Inflamed Scalp

The last, and perhaps the most common sign, that your scalp needs detox is itchiness. The itchiness itself can be caused by a lot of things, including using the wrong hair and scalp products and excessive dryness. However, a simple itch can quickly turn into serious cases of scalp inflammation when not treated properly.

If you continue to ignore the problem, it is also possible that the inflamed scalp becomes the home of bacteria. It won’t be long before the inflamed scalp becomes infected. Don’t wait until it is too late and detoxify your scalp as soon as you see these symptoms.

Now that you know how to recognize the signs that you need to detox your scalp, you will have no trouble maintaining a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Detox the scalp regularly to maintain the health and beauty of your hair over a long period of time.