Signs it might be time to find a new doctor

Updated on July 23, 2020

Having a good relationship with your doctor is important. They’re the person you go to when things don’t feel right. When you’re concerned about your health, when you’re looking for support and when you’re at your most vulnerable, naturally, you reach out to your qualified and sympathetic doctors. 

But, if you’re dreading heading to the doctor’s office, and you’re actively putting off your next medical examination, it could be a sign that things aren’t quite right. No one should ever put their health at risk simply because they’re not comfortable with their current doctor or they’re worried they won’t be listened to. If you or your loved one ends up ill or even dies because of the negligence of a doctor (speak to a wrongful death lawyer here) then you should consider taking action as soon as possible. 

Here we’ll examine the signs that it might be time to find a new doctor. 

They don’t listen to you

You’ve been ill for a few weeks, you have worrying symptoms, you’ve spoken to your doctor, but they just keep dismissing you. They say you’re stressed, or it’s all in your mind. A doctor with this kind of attitude is a dangerous one. Maybe they’re not giving you their full attention when you’re present, or they’re dismissive of your concerns because you’ve done internet research. Remember, a doctor doesn’t have to be rude and abrasive to be ignorant, even if your doctor is perfectly pleasant they can still be making a dangerous mistake by neglecting your concerns and not listening to you.

(According to them) Drugs are the answer to everything

Is your doctor pill-happy? It’s not uncommon for doctors to over-prescribe medication to patients. They’re often overworked, stressed and have far too many patients to see. Yes, medication may be a quick fix to your issue but if lifestyle changes could also help you then they should prioritise treatments or changes that don’t involve expensive or potentially addictive medications. If your doctor simply reaches for their prescription sheet every time you visit without considering other options first, it might be time to look elsewhere.

They make you feel uncomfortable

No matter what kind of appointment you’re having, from a simple chat to raise concerns, to a smear test or a physical examination, if your doctor makes you feel uncomfortable then you shouldn’t ignore your feelings. A doctor should always make you feel at ease about your health, but if they’re saying inappropriate things, or seemingly judging you over your birth control choices, or even touching you in a way that doesn’t seem right, you should switch practitioners immediately and make a formal complaint.

And finally…

If you or a family member is a victim of medical negligence or wrongful death, get in touch with a PI lawyer now. 

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