Should you get a robot vacuum cleaner?

Updated on September 2, 2020

-Robot Vacuum cleaners are slowly invading the Indian homes as people are becoming more and more aware of its usefulness. Development in the technology has improved the robot vacuums a lot since its inception and this trend is only set to continue. If you are in the market for a vacuum cleaner, you might be wondering whether to replace your existing traditional vacuum with the new robot vacuum. Robot vacuums are really a good investment, but is it a good addition to your home? There are many advantages and quirks with the robot vacuum that we will cover in this post, so you can decide whether to get a robot vacuum cleaner guide.

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What do you get with the Robot Vacuum cleaner?

Works Automatically

Automatic functioning is the biggest strength of a Robotic vacuum cleaner. They don’t need your intervention to work like the traditional vacuum cleaner. You just need to turn on the switch and let the robotic vacuum clean on its own. The advanced navigation sensor and dirt sensor present in the robotic vacuum lets it map your room and clean the dirt effectively. It also helps it to avoid bumping into obstacles and falling off from the stairs. The robotic vacuum even charges automatically as it moves to the recharging dock when it detects the battery is low. With no to minimal intervention, you can save a lot of valuable time in cleaning by using a robotic vacuum.

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Schedule and Track the Cleaning  job

As it works automatically, you can program different functions and schedule tasks to the robotic vacuum. You can set the area or individual room that you want to clean. You can also program the area that you want to avoid cleaning with the robotic vacuum. There is also an option to limit the scope of the vacuum. You can specify the time that you want to clean, so it cleans even when you are not home. With the sensors and technology infused with the robotic vacuum, you can even track how far the vacuum has cleaned. With the mobile app or control hub, you can track all the cleaning features of your robotic vacuum. The scheduling and tracking features really makes your cleaning job much easy.

Controllable via the mobile app

If you have a wireless connectivity feature present in your home, then a robotic vacuum will be perfect for you. You can connect the robotic vacuum with the mobile app via the WiFi and control it. Some vacuum model offers a mobile app while some offer a control hub. Either way, you get to control your cleaning job and the vacuum cleaner from anywhere using the remote-controlled feature.

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Lightweight and Hassle-free

This is probably another great advantage of owning a robot vacuum cleaner. They come in a compact size with the cordless design, so you will have little difficulty in using them. You can carry it anywhere in your home or office easily and let it clean. The compact design also ensures that it can clean even in a small room with no problem. The low-profile design also makes it ideal for cleaning under your furniture and other areas effectively. Another plus of using a robotic vacuum is that you can easily store them anywhere without needing huge storage space.

The cordless design makes it easy to use as you don’t have to frequently plug and unplug to clean different areas. There is also no chance for wire tangling and tripping with the robotic vacuum.

Good filtration

Most of the robotic vacuum comes with HEPA filter that is equipped to catch dirt of up to 0.9 micros. The HEPA filtration system is the best in the market, so the vacuum thoroughly filters all the dirt from your surrounding. This filter also makes the vacuum to work at an optimal suction power, so you will get effective cleaning.

Things that you may not like with the Robotic vacuum

They get stuck

Even a high priced robotic vacuum with advanced navigational feature gets stuck sometimes in different parts of your home while cleaning automatically. You must remove the obstacles that get stuck with the vacuum when it cleans, so it is a bit of extra work that you get with the robotic vacuum. If you opt for a budget robotic vacuum, then it can happen frequently.

Base station

The base station that you get with your vacuum needs to be placed in an open area, so the vacuum can find it easily without any trouble. The base station is used for charging the vacuum and with some models, they are also used for emptying the debris. The base staion should also be close to the power outlet, so it charges the vacuum easily. The base station is big and requires additional space from your home. If you are buying a robotic vacuum, then you should also consider where you want to place the base station.

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Regular cleaning

The brushes and the filter present in the robotic vacuum needs to be cleaned regularly like the traditional vacuum. The robotic vacuum cleans you home automatically, but you have to clean the robotic vacuum manually. If the base station doesn’t come with the dust emptying feature, then you should frequently empty the dust from the robotic vacuum. Because of its compact size, the dust storage capacity will be low with the robotic vacuum. You have to manually remove the dust with the robotic vacuum.

They are noisy

In terms of noise, they are similar to your traditional vacuum cleaner. If you are trying to read a book or sleep or watch a movie, then the cleaning noise will definitely interrupt you. Even the high-end robotic vacuum will make noise, so you have to put up with it if you are willing to choose a robotic vacuum.


If you think that you will benefit from buying a robotic vacuum after reading its advantages and disadvantages, then definitely go for it. But don’t just buy any robotic vacuum model, go with a high-quality one like iRobot from Roomba. They will give you more features and options with a long life. We hope that you got some information on choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner for your home.

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