Should Men Take Multivitamins? Everything You Need to Know

Updated on May 17, 2022

Multivitamins have been on the market for decades now, with thousands of variations released. 

At this point, men are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a vitamin product, but let’s go back to basics for a moment – are multivitamins a health requirement for men in the first place, and what is the true purpose of these products?

This article will examine the real benefits of a multivitamin for men and what ingredients and attributes you should look for when choosing the perfect supplement.

Why Men Need a Multivitamin

Men have lived without multivitamins for thousands of years. But incorporating this once-a-day supplement can improve quality of life and provide other vital benefits. Here are the basics.

Fixing Deficiencies

Modern food may be tasty, but it lacks the nutrient density our bodies need. As a result, deficiencies are commonplace nowadays, and a daily multivitamin can close the gap and allow us to hit those recommended daily intakes across the board.

You can expect the essentials from most multi-products, including vitamins A, various B vitamins, D3, C, etc. Combined, these compounds are great for overall men’s health, helping boost vitality, maintain testosterone levels, promote good sleep, and more.

Hair, Skin, and Nails

Men often find themselves with weakened hair and nails as they age, while skin tends to lose some elasticity and firmness. A multivitamin may not be the ultimate anti-aging solution, but it can keep hair, skin, and other body parts strong for longer.

Specific multivitamins specialize in these age-fighting aspects, with compounds like collagen or biotin. However, if your top priority is hair regrowth or skincare, a multi may not do it.

Vision and Cognition

A man’s mental faculties are crucial to his enjoyment and effectiveness in life, and the suitable multi can help preserve these abilities into advanced age. Maintaining sharp vision is just one example, while memory and brain health may also be given a boost.

These benefits aren’t universal in the world of multivitamins, so be sure to look for products with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids that offer support on this level.

Reduce Risk of Disease

No multivitamin brand can guarantee disease prevention, but it’s clear that a healthy body is more capable and resilient in the long term. 

With heart disease, diabetes, and prostate issues at all-time highs, it’s time for men to take health more seriously.

This may be simple as a more robust immune system or just the ability to bounce back from injury with more speed and strength. A multivitamin may not unlock peak performance, but it can keep men operating at a higher level for longer.  

What to Look for In a Men’s Multivitamin

Men can benefit from a multivitamin in many ways, but what should you look for in a product? First, let’s see what the world’s best multis offer.

More than the Basics

We’ve expected the same old stack of vitamins and minerals from most products. But now, men need more than the usual blend. 

A men’s multivitamin should contain the standard lineup of “alphabet” vitamins and a few minerals, but the doses must be generous and adequately sourced. For example, look for not just one B-vitamin but several different types in one.

Properly Balanced Fats

You may be surprised to see that most men’s multi-products contain zero fatty acids, requiring you to take an additional krill or fish oil supplement. This complicates things when they could be made easy with a proper all-in-one solution. 

When exploring multivitamin options, look for products containing a full range of Omega fatty acids, plus balanced EPA and DHA compounds. This will help support everything from the heart and brain to joint and tendon health.

Energizing Extras

Imagine feeling a noticeable boost in vitality and energy from your multivitamin. That’s how it should be, but most products don’t have the quality or quantity of ingredients to make it happen. 

The proper arrangement of B vitamins can give you that morning drive, but top-tier products also include unique energizers like fenugreek and chlorophyll that provide even more horsepower.

Once again, including these men’s health extras simplifies things for daily intake and streamlines your whole approach to supplementation.

Minerals Men Need

You may have heard that zinc, magnesium, and selenium are essential to men’s health, especially in the testosterone department. These minerals make a difference in recovery, stamina, muscle and bone density, and so many other factors.

Therefore, be sure that your chosen multi never skips the minerals – they’re just as important as the standard vitamins and fats. 

Find Your Stride with a Men’s Multivitamin

Combined with healthy habits and a balanced diet, a multivitamin can help men make monumental changes for the better. Let this guide point you in the right direction and find a supplement that works for you. 

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