Shopping Essential Kitchen Appliances for a Quick Upgrade

Updated on September 17, 2021

Extensive kitchen renovation projects usually involve many changes, such as switching to a new layout or design, background color, flooring, storage, and so on. Since the choice of appliances impacts its functionality, you may want to upgrade to a higher or better model to improve your cooking efficiency. But it is necessary to remember that these will also influence your space and traffic style. That’s why your interior designer would need to know what you like to use in your cooking zone. It helps them choose the best shape and design for the rest of the room. Some most critical features include dishwashers, cooktops, stove exhaust, refrigerators, and convection ovens.

These are not as easy as buying a kitchen sink. If you wish to give the sink area a modern spin, farmhouse stainless steel can be perfect. You can explore a Kraus farmhouse sink in stainless for an idea and decide. With big-ticket items, you need to consider a lot of things. Here is a quick insight on this to help you.


Nowadays, many domestic kitchens with home chefs opt for commercial cooktops for their versatility. These cooking appliances offer rich features and flexibility. The state-of-the-art models come with BTU output with a low-level setting to enable you to cook light sauces or melt chocolates precisely. Burners also feature inner and outer flames for even heating. The residential units have also improved, providing favorable rates and functions, seeing it as the competition. You generally get gas and electric cooktops. Gas units prove better than the other option. As for size, these can be 30 to 38 inches wide. Some can even go up to 48 inches with griddle.

Island cooktops enable you to interact with your guests face-to-face while cooking. Since these use a downdraft ventilation system, you don’t need overhead hoods. You can consider induction cooktops also for their safety features. As it uses a hob coil-based magnetic field for heating pans and pots, you get a flame-free experience.


You get various designs for this appliance, such as built-in, side-by-side, and top-and-bottom. All these styles have some advantages. But it can be entirely a personal decision. It would be best if you were careful with its size, though. If you are four family members, a 21 to 25 cubic feet unit can be suitable. However, six or more people would need a 27 to 32 cubic feet fridge. Although storage has to be a critical consideration, you would also want to measure the unit’s width. Make sure you don’t settle for a smaller size, as a fully packed fridge can quickly become an eyesore in every sense. 

Experts recommend assessing the refrigerator’s height and width for its size. A fridge can be 68 inches tall and 36 inches wide. There has to be adequate room to accommodate something of this dimension. When you place it, there should be at least 2 inches gap on either side so that the door can open smoothly. Recently, buying additional freezer drawers has become a trend. These under-the-counter fixtures help store beverages or excess items. 


These are no more those loud, clunky models like before. You get more sophisticated and quiet designs nowadays. Getting something with hidden control panels in the door and attractive paneling can be exciting. The stainless steel body and silent motors take care of the noise, a must-have feature for an open-plan kitchen adjacent to the entertainment area. Many people buy at least two dishwashers these days. It is particularly true about large families or couples who often like to play a host. You can stack one on the other with single- or double-drawers. In smaller kitchens, dishwasher drawers come in handy for storage. While one drawer carries the dirty plates, the other washes them. 

Opt for energy-efficient models in this. Shorter cycles and high-end features that improve the dishwashing job should get the utmost attention. Any standard appliance tends to be 24 inches wide. So you can expect it to fit into the existing designated space hassle-free. The European models can be narrower. If you wish to buy them, make sure to investigate their size.


Convection and conventional are the two standard choices, with the first one being the expensive choice. The prices of convection ovens are higher because they come with blowers for faster heat circulation and cooking. Just like dishwashers, many kitchens have two ovens. Whether you select wall-mounting or below-the-cooktop installation, two ovens ensure flexibility and higher cooking efficiency. Recently, warming drawers have also made a comeback. With the ability to control the temperature from 0 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, this device can maintain the texture of the food and not let it dry. It can cost USD$800 to USD$1,400. 

In innovative options, convection microwaves seem to be the winner. When you don’t have much time to cook something, you can rely on them to do your job quickly. You can roast, bake, and control the crispiness of the dish with its reheat features. The food gets prepared in half the time, but it doesn’t affect the texture and aroma.

Things to consider

All these items are available in many shapes and forms from different brands. With almost every model promising something exciting, it can be overwhelming to pick and choose anything easily. In this, a pre-set budget can play a crucial role. When you determine a range for something, most higher or below range products will naturally get sidelined. Of course, you can browse through them also because it never hurts to have a thorough idea of anything. Still, if you are short on time, you can skip them to focus on features accessible within your budget.

Shopping for kitchen appliances is as vital as determining your new kitchen’s design and look. A beautiful kitchen without efficient cooking tools can never look after your daily needs. It can be frustrating to realize this after working so hard on every other detail. Hence, be mindful of your choices. Select any feature once you are entirely content with it. If you doubt your choice, you can ask someone close to help in this matter.

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