Services to Look For When Choosing an Online Mailing Service

Updated on December 15, 2021

If you need to find the top online mailing services 2021, you first need to identify what options your chosen mailing service has to offer. Of course, this will vary based on your business needs. However, there are several services that all businesses should look for when choosing an online mailing service. These include various options for sending letters, address cleanup services, the option to send certified mail, and the option to send medical mail. Read on to learn more about what options you should look for when choosing an online mailing service.

Various Options for Sending Letters

One of the most important things to look for when choosing an online mailing service is that the service offers multiple options for sending letters. For example, you want to ensure that your chosen service offers the option to send either non-windowed envelopes or windowed envelopes. It is also vital that any online mailing service that you are considering offers the option to include return envelopes in your letters. 

Address Cleanup Services

One of the most underrated services that an online mailing company can offer is addressed cleanup. If you have a large list of addresses, it is almost inevitable that some of these addresses will be incorrectly formatted. This means that mail sent to these addresses may be returned as undeliverable. This is a huge waste of your time and money. An address cleanup service can save you time and money by properly formatting any addresses that may not have the correct formatting.

Sending Certified Mail Online

Some online mailing services allow you to send certified mail online. This is very important if your business needs to send important documents and get proof that these documents have been delivered. Many businesses in the medical, legal, and collections industries send certified mail on a regular basis, but this service will come in handy for nearly any business at some point. Unfortunately, many online mailing services do not offer you the option to send certified mail online. This is why you should carefully check each mailing company’s list of services to ensure that they do offer the option to send certified mail online.

Sending Medical Mail Online

If you need to send mail with medical information online, you have to find a service that follows HIPAA guidelines. Many online mailing services do not follow these guidelines, as they would have to train each employee that handles mail so that they are familiar with HIPAA. If you are in the healthcare industry or you work with healthcare clients, it is an absolute necessity that any mailing service you use follows HIPAA guidelines. Otherwise, your business may be breaking the law.

Check Printing

Even if your business does not regularly send payments through the mail, it is important to establish a working relationship with an online mailing service that offers secure check printing and mailing. This is because your business will likely have to send a check at some point in the future, and you shouldn’t entrust this sensitive task to a company that you don’t know.

Postcard Mailings

These days, it seems like the USPS is constantly raising the cost of postage. More and more businesses are turning to postcards for some mail to reduce costs. Postcards cost much less to mail because they are smaller and lighter. If you are sending mail that does not have sensitive information, such as a birthday card to one of your customers, you may want to go with a postcard. Some online mailing services even offer postcards in black and white or color. 

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