Services Needed to Help Your Senior Age in Place Safely

Updated on August 28, 2023

The days when getting older meant you had the choice of moving in with the children or moving into a nursing home are long gone. Today, there are many different choices out there, including assisted living and retirement communities. Still, many seniors choose to remain in their homes as long as possible, which is known as aging in place.

Studies have shown that home-based intervention and different services help seniors who want to remain in their own homes while they age do so safely. If you are considering trying to help your loved one age in place, there are a few services and health needs to attend to that you should know about.

Insulation Against the Cold/Heat

As your loved one ages, the chances of them having a heat stroke or getting a cold, flu, or pneumonia increase with every season. That’s why it’s important to contact reputable insulation contractors to ensure your parent’s home is properly insulated against the cold. Whether they’re in the attic or basement, drafts can get in and prove deadly for the parent you love. 

Smart Home Improvements 

The world lives in an age where everything is smart, including houses. For many seniors, the world of the internet and modern technology is more complicated than they can handle or understand. That is why it’s up to you to hire a smart home improvement contractor to update your parent’s home. It doesn’t matter if your loved one is hearing impaired or simply can’t get around the way he or she used to, there is a smart home device out there that can offer a bit more protection. 

Home Modifications

There are quite a few contractors out there who provide the service of home modifications for the elderly. Contact a reputable contractor in your area to have grab bars, walk-in tubs, stairlifts, and wheelchair ramps installed for your senior. You may also need to have the doorways widened in the home to accommodate these modifications. Be sure to also think about loft conversions London if you want to maximise your house space.

Pest Control Services

There are many diseases and sicknesses out there that your loved one can fall prey to as they age in place and if pests get into the home, the risk increases because of the sheer amount of illness and germs they carry. From roaches and rodents to spiders and ants, pests are persistent. They don’t go away on their own, so it’s best to hire a reputable pest control service to handle the problem. You should also ask them about any preventative services they offer. 

Live-In Help

As much as you would probably love to be with your parent on an hourly basis, the truth is you have your own family and home to attend to. There are plenty of services out there who have reputable nurses that will come in and help your elderly loved one out with the daily tasks they struggle to take care of. Some of this help is live-in help and others are just there when you can’t be. Either way, it’s a big help to a child who is trying to juggle two homes and two families. 

Meal Services

Since you can’t always be there to make sure your elderly parent is eating the healthy food they should be, it’s a good idea to find a reliable meal service to deliver their meals to them daily. They get healthy meals and have the company at the same time. 

These are just a few of the services you can get for your parent’s home to help them age in place, as well as a few services that will help them thrive. From good insulation companies and pest control professionals to meal services and live-in help, these services will ensure your parent’s home is safe and they are happy at the same time. 

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