Intraprise Health Launches Software Service to Battle Security Breaches in Healthcare Organizations

Updated on August 18, 2019

BluePrint Protect™ Security Risk Management Software Manages and Automates Security

Utilizing more than a decade of expertise in security and technology for healthcare clients, Intraprise Health has created BluePrint Protect™ Security Risk Management Software. BluePrint Protect™ was created to help organizations efficiently manage and automate their security program, starting with one of the most pressing needs for any organization, Third-Party (Security) Risk Management, or TPRM. 

Utilizing its intuitive, modern interface, BluePrint Protect™ customers gain a comprehensive, ongoing and dynamic view of their enterprise-wide third-party risks by automating TPRM processes and leveraging Intraprise Health’s third-party/vendor knowledge base, or “Third-Party Assessment Cloud.” Security team members, users from across an organization’s supply chain and their third parties can access or be connected to the platform to collaborate and communicate in real-time. BluePrint Protect™ drives task management and reporting to accelerate milestone completion, thereby reducing the resource burden and time commitment for all involved, especially customer’s security team.

“BluePrint Protect™ is a unique software and service-delivery platform designed to solve some of the biggest cybersecurity challenges that health systems, payers, pharma companies and their third-party vendors must deal with today and into the future,” Intraprise Health CEO Sean Friel says. “It’s the first-ever healthcare-focused workflow automation and visualization platform designed by certified healthcare cybersecurity professionals for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and their security teams.”

In addition to serving as a platform for delivering Intraprise Health’s healthcare industry-leading TPRM services, some unique BluePrint Protect™ features include:  

  • Cyber Risk Index and Enterprise Risk Register
  • Healthcare-specific software to automate workflows, enable collaboration to drive efficiencies and scale
  • Visualization tools and dashboard for a “single-pane of glass” view of enterprise-wide security risks
  • Automation and acceleration of  key Information Security Office functions

Steven Goriah, Westchester Medical Center Health Network’s (WMCHN) Vice President of Information Technology/CIO and Chief Information Security Officer, recognizes the need to holistically manage third-party risk. “WMCHN has partnered with Intraprise Health for several years to build a robust and certified information security program including the implementation of our TPRM processes. Going through a security risk assessment is a rigorous and time-consuming process for everyone involved. We expect the use of BluePrint Protect™, along with their TPRM services, will deliver more efficiencies and a better experience for all stakeholders including our third-party vendors and partners.”

These features can help reduce the costly possibility of breaches. Each breached health record costs organizations on average $380 per record. The HIPAA Journal estimates there were 2,546 healthcare data breaches involving more than 500 records between 2009 and 2018. The breaches resulted in the theft or exposure of almost 190 million healthcare records. “That equates to more than 59% of the population of the United States,” the HIPAA Journal states. “Healthcare data breaches are now being reported at a rate of more than one per day.”*

About Intraprise Health

Intraprise Health is a healthcare-focused cybersecurity solutions firm and a certified HITRUST Assessor with extensive experience in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Providing health information security products and services to assess, remediate and monitor cybersecurity risk, Intraprise Health’s services include penetration testing, medical device security, third-party (vendor) risk management, phishing exercises and business impact analysis. Intraprise Health’s newest product, BluePrint Protect™, helps organizations efficiently manage and automate their third-party risk management program, providing hospitals and health systems with a comprehensive, ongoing and dynamic view of their enterprise wide third-party risks and automating and accelerating key information security office functions. Intraprise Health received a 97.2 rating in the 2018 KLAS Cybersecurity Services report in the Advisory Focused Firm category.


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