Secrets To Help You Stay Pain-Free

Updated on June 1, 2021

It is funny but humans don’t appear to feel pain until after they are born and, as children, pain is dealt with quickly and effectively. Yet, as people move into adulthood they become accepting of pain. It is estimated that over three million Australians live with chronic pain.

These people don’t intentionally cause themselves pain, it is the result of a condition. This can be a medical issue, trauma, or even infection and disease. Once you experience the pain it is common to reach for over-the-counter painkillers and then, when they stop being effective, to reach for something stronger. Ultimately there isn’t anything strong enough to take the pain away or, to avoid addiction, you have to live with it. 

This is when many people turn to reputable massage therapists, such as this Darlinghurst massage specialist. By carefully manipulating your muscles and n=ones they can provide relief both in the short term and the long term.

In fact, that is the real lesson to be learned here; it is possible to eliminate the pain and stay pain-free. You simply need to adopt the right habits today.


When you are in a stressful situation your body releases cortisol and this prepares you to run or to stay and fight. It is known as the fight or flight syndrome. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t know the difference between a life and death situation and a stressful meeting with your boss. 

 This means you can be stressed most of the time. Alongside blocking normal hormone function, stress causes you to tense and this causes aches and pains. 

In short, you need to make time to de-stress.


You probably won’t be surprised to discover that diet plays a part in your pain levels; A burger may sound and taste great but it is full of saturated fat and this raises your levels of bad cholesterol. The cholesterol is actually oxidized in your arteries and research shows this can contribute to bone loss, increasing your risk of bone fractures and breaks; with the associated pain.

Sitting Too Much

Sitting at your desk all day causes you to hunch and develop bad posture. This inevitably leads to aches and pains, particularly in your elbows, wrists, and spine.

It is time to stand more when working and try to leave your desk and walk around for at least two minutes every half an hour. 


Exercise is good for you, it boosts your cardiovascular fitness and encourages strong bones. The result is you are better able to fight off infections, less likely to contract age-related diseases, and less likely to break bones by falling over.  

You need to exercise regularly to prevent your body from becoming stiffer and weaker, making it more prone to injury and pain. The best part is you can choose an exercise you enjoy and do it for free whenever you want.

It is easier than you think to adopt the right habits, they are the commonsense habits that help you to live for longer, healthier, and with better quality of life. Those same steps can eliminate pain.

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