SCION: Best firm to hire staff in COVID-19 situation

Updated on July 7, 2020

We all know in this coronavirus pandemic situation things are getting worse day by day. The main problem arises when it comes to hiring staff. Multiple companies are there who are looking forward to appointing a staff but not sure how they will be going to get reliable candidates available for the same. If you are looking forward to getting reliable candidates for your company, then we are here to help you with the same. 

At “Scion Staffing” we assure you to provide the best services considering to Staff. We will act as Austin executive search firm for you so that no trouble will be created to you in any case. If you are having any doubt why we are the best one for you to consider them here, we will be going to discuss the measures that we clear your doubt within a while.

Measures making to choose are:

Regular testing:

Whenever you come to us to hire some people for your company, we will provide you, people, after testing. This is not it. We will also keep an eye on them and will call them for regular testing. This will not only save you from any upcoming threat but will also let you maintain the Ambience in a manner that no one can get in touch with the COVID-19 virus at all.


Apart from regular testing, it is also important to hire people who are professionals. The people you will be going to hire from us our professionals and they will not be going to compromise with anything at all. Whether you are looking forward to hiring one person or a group of people, we are here to help you. All of them will be the masters of their field, and you will not feel like anything is missing, considering the qualification they are having.


We also take steps to promote hygiene, as well. We regularly organized classes so that the people you will be going to hire from us are aware of hygiene and they are behaving in the same manner only. In case they are not considered towards hygiene, them they will not be the part of your team at all.


The Staff you will be going to hire from us is regular. You will not feel like they are taking unnecessary leaves from you. If you have asked them to come to the office at 9 am then they will be available there at the same time is. Punctuality hits at the top for them and they will not let you feel like you have invested at other from the destination. Moreover, if you feel like that any one of them is creating any trouble for you, then you can come to us, and we will resolve the problem immediately.


In this COVID-19 situation, there are multiple Austin executive search firms are available which have hiked the prices. But with us, the same problem will not arise to you at all. We are still providing the services at a nominal price so that without any trouble you can afford the services. Until and unless our customers are not sure considered to the services, we will not move ahead with it at all. Moreover, in the case of our customers are looking forward to any discount or any compensation they can also let us know about it. We are always serving our customers.


We have the facility of interviews also available with us. If you want to interview a person before hiring them, then the option is available. You just need to let us know about your requirements, and we will arrange the same session for you. Additionally, whether you will be going to hire them on a temporary basis or permanent basis, we are here to help you with the same. There will be no problem created to you at all considering interviewing that all because our professionals will also be available at the same place so that no problem will be created during the same fashion as well.

Temporary and permanent Staff:

We are available with temporary and permanent staff. If you need to hire someone just for a temporary basis, the option is also available. There is no need for you to pay the salary for the whole month to them. Within a nominal budget, you will have the same person available to you, and the task for with you require them will get completed easily. 

Apart from its former if you feel like that the person you have hired on a temporary basis seems to be on a permanent position for you, then the option is also available. You just need to let us know about it, and we will arrange the things in the same manner for you.

Emergency services:

In this COVID-19 situation, we are available with emergency services as well. If you feel like the employees, you have resigned from the job, and now you are looking forward to hiring someone immediately then also we are here to help you. You just need to come to us and let us know about your requirements. Within no time, we will arrange temporary Staff for you, and you can easily figure out whether you want the same person to be on permanent service at your place or not.

And many other measures are there which we adopted during this COVID-19 situation. Being an Austin executive search firm, we look forward to everything closely so that we will be able to provide the best to our clients. Until and unless our clients are not satisfied with the service, we will not move ahead at all. In case any of the employees they have hired from us is creating a nuisance to them then also we are here to take immediate steps against the same. We do not compromise with professionalism at all, and always we want our clients to get the best.

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