Right Way to Use Top Meal Replacement Shake Drinks for Weight Loss

Updated on October 27, 2019

Topics revolving around weight are always recipes for juicy conversations. Most people have weight issues, be it obesity or being overweight. This cuts typically across all ages and genders. A simple way to ensure that you lose weight is through the use of meal replacement shakes.

How then do we use meal-replacement shakes for weight loss? I am pretty sure that you have come across adverts featuring before and after photos, persuading you to employ the use of meal-replacement shakes to ensure that you lose weight. 

The following, therefore, are some of the best ways that will ensure you get back your ideal weight using your shake:

1. Balancing

You must pay attention to the nutrition label of your meal-replacement shake if you want to achieve the perfect weight loss. Therefore, ensure that at any given time, the amount of proteins in your shake is higher than or equal to the number of carbohydrates. 

How is this effective? This simple mechanism will ensure that your blood sugar level does not drop. This will help you be active for a considerable period. If you run out of proteins, it will do you good to supplement. 

In such a case, you can either use nuts alongside your shake or go for a boiled egg. If you cannot obtain these, a deli turkey will do just fine. Also if your shake is running out of carbohydrate content or devoid of it, you are free to add a piece of fruit in it. 

2. Using the shakes as a backup

Shakes can be the best option if you are not in a position to go or acquire meals. You should, therefore, ensure that you keep some in your office or workplace. They will come in handy if you are too busy to step out for lunch or just lazy to leave your seat.  

3. As a salad supplement

Drinking a shake that is rich in protein alongside your salad is one of the best ways that you can achieve the ideal weight loss. This is because most of the times, you will struggle to get the right amount of proteins at lunchtime.

This is another reason why you should ensure that you accompany yourself with some shakes when going to work. 

4. As an afternoon snack

What do you get to eat in the afternoon before dinner? Have you ever tried a shake? You should make an effort to acquire a protein-rich shake to counter your hunger attack, especially in the afternoon. Ensure, however, that your shake has the right amount of calories-not above 200. 

This is because you have to keep your blood sugar stable if you need to lose weight. This means that you will need as many proteins as you can. 

5. To fuel your work out

Do you work out that often? If yes, what do you take before, after or doing your workout sessions? You should try a shake before you go to the gym. If you want the best workout experience, ensure that you drink a meal-replacement shake half an hour before you step into the gym.

After taking your shake, ensure that you rest a little to give your body some time to absorb the high protein content that these shakes have.  This will be even better if you have your work out sessions scheduled for lunchtime.  

Also, when your gym routine runs after work, the meal-replacement shakes will come in handy. The shakes will ensure that you are not all drenched up in sweat when at the gym. You can, therefore, have a power session that will provide you shed off some weight.

6. As a dessert

Do you know that you can eat your meal-replacement shake as a dessert? Do you even believe that this is possible? Yes. It is. If you are craving for a high-calorie content snack such as ice cream, you can defeat your desire by preparing yourself a shake.

This will ensure that you do not intake food high in calories. Too many calories are not suitable for your health. Therefore, you should ensure that even the shake you prepare as a dessert is slow on calories.

How to know if you are overweight

Do you know that being overweight will come with certain health risks? This is the reason why your doctor will advise you to strive to shed off some weight. You should, therefore, know some of the factors that will tell if you are overweight. 

If you want to know that you are overweight, check for the following factors:

The Body Mass Index

This is one of the most accurate ways to tell if you are overweight or obese. This approach will measure your weight in relation to your height and will give you a score that will help place you in a specific category.

If you have a body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9, you are of average weight. If you have a BMI of 25 to 29.9, know that you are overweight. A BMI of 30 or higher is a sign of obesity. 

  • Waist size– Sounds funny? Right? Waist size is one of the ways that will tell if you are overweight or not. You should, therefore, get to know the measurement of your waist in inches.

A woman with a waist size of thirty-five and above and a man with a waist size of forty and above will stand a higher chance to develop obesity-related diseases. This is one of the simplest ways to know whether you are overweight or not.

Health risks of being overweight

Having too much weight will often predispose you to certain health risks. You will stand a higher chance to suffer from type 2 Diabetes than the average-weighing person. Too much weight means reduced physical activity, and therefore, your blood vessels may clog, resulting in high blood pressure.

When you do not check on your weight, you will be at risk of developing heart diseases or suffering a stroke. Fatty liver diseases are also common in people who weigh a little bit extra.

Therefore, ensure that you take your shake as a meal supplement to prevent yourself from accumulating more weight than you should. 

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