Revolutionizing mAb Production: The Comprehensive STEP®-mAb Platform

Updated on April 17, 2023

Monoclonal antibodies, also known as mAbs, are an essential class of medication that have fundamentally altered the practice of medicine by making it feasible to administer treatment that is more narrowly focused. However, the production of these intricate biologicals can be a challenging and pricey endeavour. The STEP®-mAb platform is an all-inclusive method to produce mAbs and was developed by Batavia Biosciences with expertise in viral vectors technology. This covers the creation of cell lines, the development of procedures, and the production of mAbs. In this piece, we will discuss the ways in which the STEP®-mAb platform is revolutionizing the production of mAbs, the technologies that are involved, as well as the advantages that this service offers to its customers.

The CHO-GS System, an Expression Platform for Genes

At the core of the STEP®-mAb platform is Horizon Discovery’s CHO-GS expression system, which was developed specifically for this platform. This technique is the industry standard for producing mAbs because it makes it simple to find clones that produce a large quantity of mAbs in a short amount of time while also producing a stable cell line. Because it reduces expenses and increases the rate of production, the CHO-GS expression system is an economical and efficient piece of technology that can serve a diverse variety of customers.

Skill in the production of cell lines as well as the development of novel procedures

The STEP®-mAb platform provides a wide variety of services in addition to the CHO-GS expression system. Some examples of these services include the development of processes, the establishment of cell lines, and the manufacturing of antibodies. Making monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) is a process that requires extensive experience in the creation and improvement of cell lines. A significant component of the platform is also the expertise of the organization in the development of processes both upstream and downstream.

The production of mAbs is going swimmingly.

It is possible to successfully produce a wide variety of mAbs for a variety of applications by utilizing the CHO-GS expression system and the many years of expertise in the production of cell lines and the development of processes. The system has been applied to the development of medicines for a variety of disorders, including cancer, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases. Moreover, the STEP®-mAb platform has been utilized in the production of biosimilars, which are medications that are extremely close to a reference medicine that has already been authorized for use.

Licenses with terms that are negotiable.

Because of the adaptability of the STEP®-mAb platform’s licensing conditions, it is possible for a diverse group of customers to make use of the technology. Around fifty different customers have already signed up for the service, and the process of onboarding many more of them is currently underway. Also, there have been at least five successful Investigational New Drug (IND) submissions, which have enabled companies move on to clinical trials, demonstrating that they are in accordance with the rules.

The STEP®-mAb platform is an effective method to produce mAbs in general. When paired with expertise in the creation of cell lines and the development of processes, the CHO-GS expression system enables the rapid and cost-effective production of mAbs of the highest possible quality. The platform has been utilized in the process of developing medicines for a wide variety of ailments, and since it offers flexible license terms, it is available to a wide variety of customers. The STEP®-mAb platform has been very helpful in the creation of mAbs and will continue to be an essential instrument in the development of biopharmaceuticals. This platform has made a significant difference.

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