Revolutionize your oral hygiene routine

Updated on March 27, 2021

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Since the age of industrialization, oral hygiene has become increasingly important. The invention of tooth powder, toothpaste, and toothbrushes wasn’t as long ago as we might believe them to be. But in such a short time, these inventions helped achieve a massive amount of awareness regarding oral hygiene. And, of course, help people keep their teeth healthy.

But it is a constant effort, and now with the amount of synthesized food that we consume in our lives, oral hygiene has been in decline. According to the WHO, almost 3.5 billion people suffer from some sort of oral disease ( 

So what is the solution for combatting this growing issue? How can we change the way we brush our teeth for the better? unobrush™ might just have the answer for revolutionizing your tooth-brushing routine at home. It is quite unlike any toothbrush you have ever seen before. 

The Next Revolution in Dental Hygiene

Everyday efforts of brushing your teeth might not be reaching the heights they’re supposed to. A normal brushing routine will require at least 2 minutes of your time. If you often have a busy morning or are dead-tired in the evening, finding the time and the energy to do the complete oral routine as instructed by your dentist, is a task that is too often not given the proper attention. 

The innovative unobrush™ introduces a solution to these problems. It might just be the world’s smartest toothbrush. And this smart solution will make the task of oral care much easier and quicker. The unobrush™ can provide you with a brushing of your teeth in just 10 seconds. And the unobrush™ does the job just as well every time, no matter how tired or busy you are. 

Also, you don’t have to apply toothpaste like you’re used to. You simply use a refreshing unotab™ tablet, that can replace your normal toothpaste. Work it around in your mouth until it dissolves. Grab your Mouthpiece and brush for 10 seconds. When you are done, simply put it back in the Docking Station, where it will charge and sanitize. 

In that way, the unobrush™ really does change the way we go through our daily hygiene routine.

Same logic, latest technology

To imitate the functional routine of a normal toothbrush, unobrush™ uses double-sided soft bristles, labeled DuPont™, to provide even cleaning of your teeth. It has been carefully engineered to provide the optimal brushing experience. 

It tenderly stimulates your gums and brushes your teeth, while providing the ideal motions automatically. Your teeth and the gum line are simultaneously brushed from both top, front, and back. Something you would have to do yourself with a traditional toothbrush.

This easy-to-clean and store device is impeccably designed as well. The minimalist-designed Docking Station comes with a smart UV light that sanitizes your Mouthpiece after each use. The elegant Docking Station also lets you keep your unobrush™ charged when needed. It does not require to be charged often, though. You can expect your brush to run for up to three months on a single charge if you brush the recommended two times a day. 

With every detail well-thought, and not just in terms of maintenance or functionality, but also aesthetically, unobrush™ provides an innovative solution to modern-day dental care. 

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