Reviews on peptide food supplements

Updated on April 21, 2020

Peptides are an ultra-short string of 2 to 4 amino acids. In the past several years’ peptides have gained massive attention from the healthcare community for their anti-aging, cell restoring and health recovering properties They have many uses as cosmetic products and dietary supplements and are popular among consumers due to their efficiency and absence of any side effect. 

Numerous researches indicate the benefits of peptides in boosting the immune system, normalizing hormones and slowing down the aging process. Some peptides show antimicrobial properties that have the potential of becoming a substitute medication for antibiotics in the future. 

Some of the most popular peptides include pineal gland peptides that regulate the body’s overall activity and specifically the brain functioning; ovarian peptides that have shown good results in complex treatment of infertility; thyroid peptides that have potential in the treatment of thyroid dysfunctions. 

Peptides are usually classified by their regulatory properties into the following groups: 

  • hormonal activity regulation 
  • digestive system regulation 
  • appetite regulation 
  • painkillers
  • regulating the central nervous system and cognitive functions 
  • cardiovascular regulation 
  • antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties

Some of the peptides take part in cell regeneration, others protect the body from toxins and harmful environmental effects. As we age deficiency of natural peptides in our body leads to faster cells wear out. This when peptide supplements are needed. They make up for this deficiency and slow down the aging process. That’s why they are also called “age-defying pills”. 

Reviews on peptides 

Peptides gained popularity among users. Here are some reviews on peptides from different consumers from around the world. 
—Marina, 32

I took a complex of peptides containing pineal gland and ovarian peptides for the treatment of early menopause. I felt very bad before the course and looked much older than my age. I also had sleep issues. Two weeks after I started taking peptides I began to feel better. I felt relief in my whole body. My menstrual cycle recovered after a month of consumption. The problem did not disturb me since then. Also, I notice how better my skin became. 
—Anastasia, 25

My story was pretty sad. I am 25 years old and I had hormonal issues due to cancer treatment. The doctor recommended taking a course of peptides to recover my cells and tissues. He recommended injections but they were too expensive for me and I chose to take peptides as a food supplement in capsules. I read the reviews and saw that they can be used in complex with each other for a better result. At first, I was afraid there would be drastic changes and that I would feel bad. But no. The effect is very gentle. After a month of taking peptides, I took hormones to test. It showed a normal level of hormone. I had them near the upper limit of the norm. Here is such a happy end. I hope the effect lasts for a long time.

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