Resurge Review: Is it An Effective Supplement?

Updated on August 13, 2020

Are you sick of looking at your growing belly? Has that growing concern made you sleep-deprived?

Unfortunately, the majority of the weight loss pills are thermogenic. It burns your fat but comes with side effects. Moreover, the impacts are temporary and may revert after you stop the intake cycle. That’s because they are not uprooting the arch causes of high-calories intake.

You eat more in stress. So, it is important to keep your body relaxed. For this, you need a sound sleep. 

Psychology Today observed a quality nap of 7-8 hours can help you burn 2800 calories extra within seven days than people who sleep only 5 hours.

For the first time in the supplement market, Resurge, a pill that leverages the importance of sleep has arrived. 

Read our latest coverage to explore how Resurge helps you in burning the belly fat, naturally.

Resurge Review – Product Overview

Resurge is a revolutionary weight loss supplement. Revolutionary because it is unique in solving the overweight issue. 

It enhances your deep sleep time to improve physical and mental health. That’s no typos, neither should it be confused with sleep. “Deep Sleep” and “Sleep” are two different words. Medically, sleep is a routine which includes 5 stages. Deep sleep serves the most crucial stage in the sleep cycle.

We will explain the advantages of deep sleep later, so read on. 

Also, Resurge has antioxidants inside, so it fights against the stress and elevates your mood.

All of these factors are directly affecting your weight loss results. 

If you do not get enough quality naps, you will feel more fatigued. Then arousing you in a bad mood, your motivation will decline, your metabolism will slow down, and your appetite will increase. The end result of this chain is exposing yourself to a greater risk of unwanted calories intake.

A good idea would be to compare the pros and cons side-by-side. This would help you in deciphering how Resurge is better than available supplements in the market.

Pros and Cons of Resurge


1. It is made from all-Natural ingredients

Packs eight ingredients in every pill and all are natural.

We have covered the medical impacts of all the eight ingredients used.

2. Delivers across the globe

The manufacturer states it accepts both US/Canada orders and international order. The product would be shipped at your doorstep.  

3. Affordable 

We’ll come to prices, but can assure you, it is quite less than other weight loss supplements. 

4. Offers intangible benefits such as enriching the mood and skin anti-aging

While other supplements focus on only weight loss, Resurge works on the all-round enhancement. It assists you to stay leaner, happier, and younger. 

5. Vegetarian

No chicken pieces or egg yolks are used during manufacturing. So, the supplement can be consumed by all.

6. Works for both Men and Women

Since the supplement does not alters the sex hormone balance, so it can be used by both (all) the genders.

7. 100% money-back guarantee; no questions asked  

Even if you return the bottle empty within 60 days, they still would refund your amount. Some supplement companies lay a shady condition “bottle to be unsealed”. But it is nothing such as the Resurge supplements.

Now, this commitment is worth praising. A plus for the manufacturer of Resurge.


To find the cons of the Resurge, we had to heavily search around the web. 

After comparing it with competitor supplements, we found one slack in it.

Resurge cycle is a little time-consuming. 

Resurge gradually impacts your body. It takes you 90-120 days to see the impacts. That’s slower than the rapid fat burners, whose cycle takes 60 days to complete. But they also cause side effects eg., Nausea, Diarrhea, and even liver intoxication. 

You would hear us speaking about the Resurge’s intake cycle soon. So, be with us.

Now, you must have some idea how Resurge will benefit you. But we like to break down each ingredient used in manufacturing. We’ll brief you about the medical aspects of the ingredients on your body. This would bring a clear picture of the benefits. Along with that, we’ll scrutinize the manufacturer’s claims with ZERO side effects. 

Resurge Ingredients

In every pill, you are getting a punch of 8 ingredients. As we said before, they are naturally occurring ingredients.

Skip to the bottom of the heading, if you are in a hurry. There we summarized all ingredients in three-pointers.


  • Melatonin hormone is produced naturally by our body 
  • Its intake would help you in falling asleep faster. It messages your brain to take sleep when it’s night time. Due to this, Melatonin is also known as sleep hormone or darkness hormone
  • Also, Melatonin increases your deep sleep time by keeping the body at the undisturbed sleep state. And you noticed we said “deep sleep”. Deep sleep is the most critical stage in your sleep cycle, where: 
  • Physical recovery occurs
  • The immune system is energized
  • Clevescene says that better quality sleep keeps your appetite in check.
  • Adding up, it is a powerful antioxidant, so it relieves you from stress.


  • It is naturally occurring Indian herb
  • A study by Phytomedicine has shown that taking Ashwagandha supplements can help reduce anxiety
  • Healthcare business today, a popular nutrition blog, states Ashwagandha helps in lowering the blood pressure and reducing the bad cholesterol


On a lighter note, its name can be a tongue twister challenge for your friends. Luckily, we can also call it 5-HTP.  Okay, moving on, it is a natural amino acid produced by our body.

  • It secretes a neurotransmitter called Serotonin. Serotonin elevates your mood and resorts to well-being and happy emotion 
  • Serotonin, in-sync with Melatonin, extinguishes depression and sleep disorders such as insomnia

Magnesium & Zinc pair

  • Riverfront Times, a high authority lifestyle blog, says that Magnesium aids in maintaining the healthy GABA levels. GABAs are neurotransmitters, which helps in reducing anxiety. This leads to a quality sleep
  • Zinc intensifies the power of magnesium in coping against anxiety. Also, zinc is an essential mineral for metabolic growth and development  
  • Magnesium and Zinc pair, rejuvenates you for early morning, therefore, boosting your metabolism rate 
  • Also, a study proved they both act as fatigue reducers. So, it relaxes your body after the workout and further improves the quality of the sleep

Now the last three ingredients are natural amino acids. In all three you notice L in the prefix of their names. This represents an optical isomer. It is known that amines are naturally present in the L state.


  • It is a popular ingredient in the weight loss supplement. Naturally found in Green tea and mushrooms.
  • The NCBI research reveals L-Theanine increases the mental concentration and agility.
  • Another study revealed, its two-month dosage increases the retentivity, improves sleep satisfaction, and reduces the anxiety.


  • It is a powerful ingredient to help you with weight loss. 
  • Healthcare business today says, Arginine lowers down the sugar level, hence, preventing diabetes 
  • Also, normalizes the blood flow and enhances the protein secretion in the body.
  • Studies claim that L-Arginine decreases appetite. So, it would further help you in maintaining your diet. 


  • It relieves you from anxiety. 
  • Along with L-Arginine hormone, Lysine decreases the stress levels.
  • According to the Goodmen project, a health news website, fatty acids in Lysine helps in making you lean.

Now you are clear with ingredients used. You have noticed they work in three premier areas:

  1. Improving sleep quality
  2. Releasing anxiety
  3. Fatigue releasers

Thinking what’s the idea behind then you must read the below heading.

How does Resurge work?

It works on natural psychology to provide you quality 7-hour sleep, so you can burn more fat. A study revealed you can burn 2300 calories extra by having a quality seven-hour sleep than those who sleep only five hours.

So, using this fact, Dr. John Barban, the maker of Resurge, has meticulously chosen ingredients that work in sync, boosting your sleep time.

Melanin and Lysine help in improving your deep sleep. 

Sound sleep and stress relievers (eg., Ashwagandha) inside to prevent you from emotional eating. Thereby, assist in burning the excess fat from your body gradually. 

Alongside, Magnesium and Zinc pair acting as fatigue busters and relaxes your brain. This helps in staying energetic throughout your day.

The whole process is natural and nothing depends on your lifestyle. So, with Resurge you can expect results with ZERO side effects. And are NOT mandated to follow a certain regime.

Side effects with Resurge

Since Resurge is made entirely from the natural ingredients, so the chances of side effects are nil. 

We further concluded this, after browsing different blogs like the healthcare business today and journals such as the Goodmen project, etc. 

Also, No side effects customer experienced with Resurge was found on Trustpilot reviews nor on Reddit threads.

Now, let’s discuss the positives. The benefits Resurge offers to you. #7 is our team’s favorite one.

Benefits of using Resurge

1. It improves your metabolism rate. This would pump you up throughout your busy day. 

2. It elevates your mood and helps you cope with stress. This also improves your working efficiency. 

3. With fat burners such as L-Lysine, it fosters in burning the extra fat.

4. It controls your appetite by preventing you from untimely munching. This supports you in following your diet proficiently.

5. Melatonin helps you in increasing your deep sleep time. Thus improving your sleep quality.  

6. No lifestyle change to make. No special diet or working routine with Resurge. 

7. Resurge helps in reducing anxiety and depression, it also acts as an anti-aging pill. Amanda Brown, a nutritionist, states it reverts the impacts like fine-lines, dry skin, and wrinkles and aids you look younger than your age. 

8. Magnesium and Zinc act as a fatigue reducer. It relaxes your muscles to keep you rejuvenated the next morning. 

9. The minerals in the supplement help your body with the daily requirement.

Who Should and Who Should NOT Consume IT?

Since there are no side effects, so anyone can intake and reap its benefits.

But specifically Resurge is designed for those who are struggling with over-weight problems or sleep issues such as insomnia. 

It can be used by both men and women of all ages. But the formula works best for the age group above 40. 

Teens under 18 are advised to consult a doctor before intaking it.

Also, due to medical conditions, the manufacturer suggests that pregnant/breastfeeding women seek the doctor’s advice before starting the Resurge intake cycle.

If you are still navigating it, shows you are above 40. Do you know, there is a strategic way to intake Resurge to maximize its power. Every supplement has one, and sticking with that will further assure the desired weight loss curve.

The correct way to Dose Resurge Pills

Resurge comes in the form of pills. In a single Resurge bottle, you get 120 pills. 

We recommend you to intake 4 pills every day with plenty of water. So, your one bottle should last for 30 days. 

4 pills of it should be taken after dinner and 1 hour before going to sleep, daily. This enhances the power of Melatonin inside, to falling you asleep quicker.

The Manufacturer recommends 3-6 months of intake to get the best results.

With Resurge, you don’t have to make any lifestyle change. So, No need to follow strict diets or training. You can carry out with your daily exercises.

Let’s quickly answer the basic queries. We know they can be easily found but we don’t want to trouble you in finding their answers.

Shipping procedure, Prices & Return policy

Resurge is available ONLY on their official site. 

They have no physical stores to sell the product. 

We are stressing at this point because when we were navigating answers on Quora, people said that the market is flooded with its copies that never works. So, we sincerely recommend you to purchase it from Resurge’s official site.

Price: Its bottle cost you $49. This is quite less comparing with the standard weight loss supplement rates. Generally, they come at $60-80 and last for the same 30 days. So, you are having an amazing deal.

But if you are like us, who shops more to save more, then you would love this offer:

$39 per bottle if purchasing 3 at a time*. 

*Most popular offer

$34 per bottle if purchasing 6 at a time.  

Note – manufacturer said that Resurge prices are likely to hike because the ingredients’ cost is ever increasing. So, readers are advised to make the purchase soon. More the time you hold, prices may fluctuate.

Shipping Cost: the shipping costs are $9.95. Orders are shipped across the globe to your doorstep. The shipping is made through FedEx or UPS. 

The manufacturer assures, they deliver the product within: 

5-7 business days for US/Canada orders.

8-15 business days for international orders. That’s because the order would be dispatched from the USA. Then exporting and custom’s surveillance adds further time to delivery.

Return policy: If you don’t find the satisfactory result, the company assures you a 60-day full money-back guarantee. 

To claim the refund, email to [email protected]. The support team would get in touch with you and initiate your refund. 

Note – If you choose to return the product, a $12 shipping and handling fee will be deducted from the refund.

Resurge FAQs 

Is Resurge legal to consume?

Absolutely legal it is. It’s an FDA approved and GMP certified supplement.

It is derived from 100% natural ingredients. No allergen, steroid, or FDA banned ingredient is found. So, we can assure you that it’s completely legal to consume.

Can I exceed the daily recommended dosage?

We strongly condemn the overdose. In the pack itself, it is prescribed to intake 4 pills. Kindly stick with that. For quicker results, you can improve proteins in your diet.

Can I use another dietary supplement while using Resurge?

According to the Healthcare business today, you can consume Resurge with other dietary supplements. They say that it’s completely safe to consume and NO harmful interaction with other supplements has been found.

Though, we’d suggest you consult a doctor before combining Resurge with another supplement.

Final Verdict: Should you Buy Resurge?

Overweight has become a common problem even among athletes. And this problem enlarges as you grew. As we see, natural push to metabolism and sound sleep can help you combat these issues. 

But quality sleep with daily life stress has something become luxury. That’s where the Resurge can lighten you by relieving the stress, and therefore, improving the quality sleep time. This naturally burns the extra calories. You don’t have to maintain any strict diet or lifestyle change to adapt. 

 Now, we hope we bring clarity on how you are consuming extra calories, resulting in oversize. Connected the dots of anxiety with poor sleep time. So, before it takes over you, press the link to add Resurge to your cart.

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