Resources for Healing Paths

Updated on September 23, 2019

Life has a curious way of guiding us to finding resources, people, information, places, emotions, thoughts, ideas and products just when we need them. When we take into account the amount of information in our daily environment, it’s actually quite fascinating how much we retain and recall when someone asks about it. Our brains store things in somewhat of a filing system, for later reference. New sites, practitioners and organizations are coming to life with each passing day, as more and more people are being turned onto the benefits and wide practicality of a variety of therapies and other healing modalities. Let’s take a look through a few avenues you might find helpful in your journey, whether professional or personal, or both.

  1. Your local library. While this might not be what you were expecting as a considerable resource, libraries are filled with books, of a wide variety of topics, including newly reintroduced ideas and age old practices, including plant medicine and other methods that have been used in treatments and healings for hundreds and thousands of years. No matter what you’re seeking, most likely, you can find plenty of books on it, and maybe even a book club that meets, at your local library. 
  2. Online resources. The Internet gives us a growing list of available resources like blogs, courses, videos and podcasts, websites and practitioners specializing and focusing on seemingly everything you could ever need help with. Coaches, therapists, healers, shamans, guides and more are available with a bit of searching and determining your needs. From obvious and welcoming sites that suggest their intent and offerings like Begin to Heal, to others that are far less clear in their monikers but equally as helpful and informative. With the ease of availability and accessibility, finding information or a practitioner is widely available to anyone. 
  3. Asking others for a referral. If you work in, or have friends in the wellness industry, it’s worth asking for a referral of known or familiar professional practitioners whether seeking a chiropractor, shaman, spiritual coach, life coach or any other expert in the wellness industry. Chances are, learning of someone by word of mouth will benefit you greatly. Word of mouth referrals are built on trust and known factors of needs, culture, character, pricing and availability. Some cultures build their respective businesses on known friends and family, acquaintances and friends of friends, which is actually quite good for everyone. 

Whether you’re in need of someone immediately, or want to build up your network of known professionals in your circle of industry needs, it’s worth taking the time to research, network with others and check out your local library for a wealth of knowledge and books to have in the back of your mind. Much knowledge can be shared by talking with and listening to others, reading and exploring what’s already around you and easily accessible, it takes just a bit of time and planning in most cases to figure out your needs and going forth in your plan.

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