The Residence at Presque Isle Bay Achieves ‘Gold Level’ in Rapid Callbell Responses 

Updated on January 26, 2024

Seniors waited only 2-minutes, 18-seconds, on average, for an in-person response 

Two minutes, 18 seconds. When a senior at The Residence at Presque Isle Bay rings their callbell for assistance, that’s the average time it took for a caregiver to respond during the fourth quarter in 2023.  

This strong performance earned The Residence at Presque Isle Bay (RPI) a Gold Level Achievement for callbell responses from IntegraCare. IntegraCare manages this personal care home along with 16 others, mostly in Pennsylvania.  

“A senior living community should be beautiful, yes. But more importantly, when you need help it should be there for you, quickly and reliably.” said Larry Rouvelas, IntegraCare’s Chief Executive Officer. “The seniors living at The Residence at Presque Isle Bay get that every day. When they ring, a caregiver typically arrives in-person in less time than a television commercial break lasts.”  

“Great care is built upon a capable team and strong systems. RPI has both,” Rouvelas added.  

Nathan Maietta leads the community as its Executive Operations Officer and Alyssa Silvis as its Resident Wellness Director.  “I’m very proud of this team,” Maietta said. “We work hard to respond effectively. We continuously find ways to improve. Great teams work together for a common goal.” 

The community wants its families to know every day its callbell response performance. So it posts on its website a daily update: . “Families should have peace-of-mind that, when their loved one needs help, we’re there quickly and reliably,” Rouvelas said.  

The Residence at Presque Isle Bay offers breath-taking views of Lake Erie in a state-of the-art senior living community that provides residents many amenities. While the callbell system’s role is not as noticeable at first glance, its role within the community is significant. 

“Our quick responses build a bond of trust between the seniors and their caregivers,” Maietta observed. “One of the most satisfying parts of our chosen profession is to build real, meaningful relationships with seniors. When we earn their confidence, those relationships blossom.” 

For more information, contact Nathan Maietta, Executive Operations Officer, The Residence at Presque Isle Bay, at [email protected] or 814.455.1630.  

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