Reducing Constipation During Pregnancy

Updated on September 4, 2019

One of the major issues that you are likely to hear pregnant women complain about is constipation. Constipation is caused by the growth of the baby which puts more and more pressure to the internal organs of a woman and this mostly includes the intestines. This gets even worse when a woman is on her last trimester making most pregnant women seek the cure for this condition. Enema is a procedure which is undergone by pregnant women which helps in clearing as well as stimulating the colon of a pregnant woman.

This is considered as the safest way in which women can deal with constipation as compared to the use of medications that are all over for the same purpose. The process of enema involves injection of liquid through the anus into a woman’s colon and this liquid helps in cleaning the bowels as well as introducing medication into a woman’s body. An example of conditions that are treated through enema involves dehydration where a pregnant woman is re-hydrated.

There are different types of enemas that a pregnant woman can possibly go through and these are used in treating various conditions involving the intestines and these include:

  • Yogurt enema

This is most popular for treating an irritable bowel as well as treating constipation considered as soft.
Mineral oil enema- this is used in impacting feces.

  • Barium enema

This is performed by the doctors in order to enhance the visibility of a colon during medical examinations during pregnancy.

Most pregnant women who have gone through enema have experienced safe deliveries and healthy babies. It should however be noted carefully that the effects that enema will have on a pregnant woman depends heavily with the trimester which it gets administered in. it is warned by some medical experts that it is not safe to practice enema in the first trimester since it poses many risks to the developing baby and complications which might lead to miscarriages. It is in the same way not advised to use enema in the last trimester hence making it more appropriate to use enema in the second semester. This however does not imply that enema is entirely safe to use in the second semester, this is why it is always important to consult with your personal doctor on the safety of using enema at a particular point in your pregnancy.

Constipation during your pregnancy should cause you less worries since it is a normal condition. Through consultations with your doctor, you can help in reducing constipation safely.

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