Red or Green? How to Choose the Best Kratom Strain for You

Updated on January 21, 2020

More and more, people are starting to turn away from pharmaceuticals and towards natural treatments. People take one Eastern plant growing in popularity, Kratom, for a number of ailments including chronic pain, anxiety, and opioid withdrawal.

New users should learn about the plant prior to trying it. Knowing the best kratom strain and how to take it will give you the optimal experience.

Best Kratom Strains and How to Use Them

Not all Kratom creates the same effect in the body. You should use each strain differently depending on your needs.

Keep reading to learn about the best Kratom strains and how they can best serve you.

Red Kratom

Red Kratom gets its name from the red veins running through the leaves of the plant. Most of these kratom strains tend to induce a calming effect, due to the higher abundance of the 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloid.

Red Vein Maeng Da

Found in Bali, this popular Kratom strain’s name translates to “Pimp Grade”. As one might guess, red vein maeng da kratom capsules possess a high potency. 

This variation differs from other red strains in that is induces a caffeine-like effect in low doses. However, taking large quantities will induce deep sleep.

Do not take more than 4 grams of it can prove dangerous. Use this in small amounts to help boost your energy levels, alertness, and focus.

Red Vein Kali

Red Vein Kali provides more of the classic red effect. It helps with pain relief and relaxation.

If you suffer from anxiety or a sleep disorder then you may find this useful. It is also the best Kratom for pain relief. Many people turn to this strain of Kratom for opioid addiction treatment as well.

In the body, the compounds from this plant bind to the same receptors n the body as opioid drugs. This might help suppress the cravings for heroin and prescription pills while easing the symptoms of withdrawal.

Green Kratom

Most strains of green kratom tend to contain more of the alkaloid mitragynine and less 7-hydroxy mitragynine. This gives makes the green-veined variety more useful for energy and focus.

Green Vein Borneo

The unique alkaloid structure in this potent strand makes it a powerful tool in easing many ailments. If you suffer from fatigue, anxiety, pain, or sore muscles, try taking this.

You may not want to take Green Borneo at night as you will feel energized. It may also produce a euphoric feeling when taken in higher dosages.

Green Vein Indo

For your first time trying Kratom, you might want to try Green Indo. This strain produces a much gentler effect than some of the others. You will notice a slight energy boost and mild pain relief.

Kratom Dosage

The amount of Kratom you need to produce the desired effect depends on weight, overall health, tolerance, and stomach contents. Start by taking a low dose of Kraton, about 1g. 

If that does not work, try 2g the next time. Move up by 1 or 1/2 of a gram each time until it helps, but do not exceed 6g.

Try Kratom 

If you want to try a natural alternative for pain, anxiety, lack of energy, or opioid addiction, turn to Kratom. Turn to this guide to start out with the best Kratom for your needs.

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