Recognizing Nurses During Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated on November 30, 2020

The post “Care through the Pandemic” from the September 2020 dilemma discusses relating to this current COVID-19 pandemic. The author did a wonderful project by demonstrating nurse’s fond approaches through the duration of COVID-19, and also the direction they’d to face lots of struggles. He said that as a health care worker he had been “worried” about the unidentified and a PPE deficit.  Additionally, the post was well informed about how physicians throughout a pandemic time usage telehealth and iPad solutions, which have been valuable to doctors and nurses at that moment.

Moreover, for a few patients or loved ones that the gear looked frightening, since they used it earlier. Nurses were contested to speak with patients and their relatives seeing their loved ones’ scenario, sickness, and determination concerning end-of-life support. They educated about the symptoms and signs of COVID-19 and also the significance of wearing a mask. You can gift them some nurse morale patches.

Therapeutic environment

Nurses established a therapeutic environment, which helped pupils in transitioning into a near-normal working condition during that fearful moment. From the guide, physicians such as Nikeyia Davis from Michigan, Amanda Buechel in Chicago, Amanda Foster, along with many others, are cases of hard-working healthcare employees who daily needed to evaluate, educate, advocate, and supply care for their nearest and dearest because chaotic surroundings during COVID-19. Healthcare professionals frequently went through bodily, psychological, and psychological difficulties brought on by regular workforce because of coping with sickness, illness, and ending –of –lifestyle adventures.

By reading this piece I think a ray of compassion, care, and dedication to supplying safe and efficient patient care in a pandemic. I appreciated the advice regarding Megan Piotrowski — her outstanding work and commitment helped to relieve children’s anxiety and nervousness during COVID-19. She said to the kids which PPE is “additional things to keep them secure”. Additionally, she said how important it is for physicians to maintain a wholesome lifestyle through physical activity, diet, comfort, and taking some time off if they had to effectively boost their self-esteem and well-being. I was amazed and pleased to see when RN Piotrowski said that because of burnout and anxiety throughout COVID-19 nurses ought to be appreciated.  

Thank you

As we observe National Nurses’ Week, exactly what a suitable time for me to say “thank you” to my coworkers and the whole health team working through this outbreak.  I’d be remiss to not thank all of the healthcare workers who constitute the team which cares for our thankful community. It’s essential to get this endeavor recognized. I spoke with nursing coworkers which were grateful to Mr. Leonard Blatvatnik and the Blatvanik family members Foundation because of the own million dollar talent into Nuvance overall health to motivate our front line staff members. In an article published April 10 at The News-Times, Chief Development Officer Grace Linhard quoted: The threat of lifestyle is unfortunately both real and unprecedented, and philanthropy is playing a vital part in our efforts to defend the communities we serve. Our patients and their families are relying on us to provide desperately needed attention; it’s also critically important that we do anything we can to protect our frontline staff which are going the extra mile to give care.

The physicians have been determined about getting sufficient Personal Protection Equipment.  With no OSHA standard, it’s all up to them to shield themselves to correctly take care of patients. The nursing staff ought to be praised for answering the call of responsibility.  Within a strategy to take care of patients, Danbury Hospital ceased optional surgery and converted individual floors to COVID-19 flooring for the influx of patients. Nurses immediately, with limited instruction, became ICU nurses caring for patients on ventilators and healthcare nurses caring for seriously ill patients. Their efforts, along with the efforts of team members, had been recognized by Andrea Rynn, a spokeswoman for its seven-hospital community Nuvance Health. In a guide, published in The News-Times on April 16, she said, we are extremely proud and thankful for the openness of our employees to be gleaned in regions that we weren’t using so that we are able to add new beds inside the four walls or our associations. Safe skin care is the priority of this Danbury Nurses. In February discussions between Unit #47 and Danbury Hospital started for a successor agreement. From the start of March discussions couldn’t occur with COVID-19 present. Unit #47 suggested a one-time arrangement expanding existing deal with a wage growth.

She emphasized all of the deliberation and preparation by Nuvance Health direction in preparation for its COVID-19 pandemic. Not once in the whole article didn’t cite nurses or other healthcare employees that are crucial in executing these programs. I am so pleased to be associated with this Danbury Nurses’ Union. These are committed nurses that, despite caring for individuals with a possibly deadly diagnosis, report every day to assist patients recover. Unit #47 filed a request to Danbury Hospital management requesting for risk pay, not just for its physicians but also for many healthcare workers involved with the maintenance of COVID-19 patients. The hospital hasn’t yet reacted.

Thanks for this fine and remarkable article regarding frontline nurses.  I can only wish those hard-working healthcare employees could get additional time and stay home with their own families and friends, so that they could enhance emotional, spiritual internal feelings, and also boost bodily well-being.

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