Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Chiropractor Service

Updated on June 6, 2020

Records show that more than 25 million Americans get a chiropractor service yearly but not all of them do so just to relieve their back pain problems. Apparently, there are a lot other issues a chiropractor service can address or alleviate. 

Here are a few good reasons why you should call a reliable chiropractor in your area too: 

  • It can treat the cause. Your chiropractor will provide treatment with an aim to eradicate the cause of your complaint instead of merely addressing your symptoms. Study shows that unlike in having prescribed medications where only 5 out of 10 patients felt a back pain relief, 9 out of 10 patients who had Chiropractor service experienced a 30% lower back pain reduction after weeks from the treatment. That is four more people with less back pain. 

Besides back pain, there are also other conditions a chiropractor service can mend and vertigo is one of them. The treatment will have the chiropractor treat you in specific positions with the goal of reestablishing your ear balance. They say a chiropractor service to combat vertigo is truly effective and that 8 out of 10 ended up without symptoms after the session. 

  • It can enhance your quality of sleep. Sleep problems are common in adults but did you know that your chiropractic session can treat it too? The therapy is believed to enhance the blood flow in patients which can lead to better sleep. Moreover, a chiropractor can also help correct spine subluxations or misalignments. The subluxations are responsible for putting the body in an imbalanced, active state, affecting the patient’s sleep quality. 
  • It can relieve chronic pain. Patients suffering from chronic pain are usually assessed during the first session of the chiropractor service. This is so that the chiropractor can locate where the muscle tension and inflammation are. From there, the chiropractor will lay out an effective plan for treatment which can effectively alleviate the chronic pain. This is why chiropractic services have been making a noise. They are now even considered more effective in easing pain than in pain clinics which more often than not address only the symptoms and not the root cause. 

Other complementary procedures may also be present during a chiropractic session. These may include an electrical muscle stimulation or EMS, an ultrasound, and a TENS therapy, along with other approaches to complement the treatment to the spine. 

  • It can be an immune system booster. A chiropractor service involves a therapy targeting the nervous system and since it is interlinked with the immune system, claims that the therapy can also boost the immune system have been coming out. It has been also believed that way back in 1912, it was one of the treatments made to combat the influenza epidemic. As to the pieces of evidence to support such claims, more are still unleashing to date. 
  • It can be an alternative to medication. Medication phobia is common, especially in elders. It is the fear of taking pharmaceutical treatments. Since time immemorial, many have sought a chiropractor service because they think it is the better thing to do than taking pain relievers and going through the potential side effects. Surprisingly, there are medical studies that have also claimed that a chiropractor service is a great option to treat neck pain and other pains and that sessions after sessions, the pain can start to disappear. 
  • It can soothe headaches and migraines. As per the data, 90% of Americans are headache sufferers although they vary in terms of intensity. Minor as they sound, a simple headache is actually enough to ruin a person’s day. 

Many experts agree that chiropractic care is truly an effective treatment against migraines and headaches; thanks to the spinal manipulation that is being done in the therapy. 

  • It can serve as a therapy for pregnancy and fertility. During the course of pregnancy, the body of a woman experiences numerous changes and lower back pain and pain in the pelvis are common pregnancy side effects. However, since pain medication options are limited throughout the course to do away with potential risks, many pregnant women turn to chiropractic care to alleviate the body pains they are bearing with. In 2002, it has been also reported that chiropractors helped turn breech babies and 8 out of 10 sessions were successful. Meanwhile, the therapy has also been tried on by people with fertility issues. Supports to such claims are still being gathered. 
  • It can help you stay active. Even within professional sport, chiropractor therapies have been widely used to condition an athlete’s body. In fact, all 32 National Football League teams sought help from chiropractors in dealing with their neck and back problems and improving their conditions in the field. The sessions targeted all body parts and the care was used across all sports within the Paralympic and Olympic teams of the United States. Baseball players also had the treatment to avoid hamstring and other injuries on the lower limb. The same players noticed an improvement in their long jump distances and muscle strength. 
  • It can help reduce your hospital and doctor visits. With all the benefits mentioned above, pharmaceutical visits should only be resorted to in case of emergencies. That is if you not comfortable with pharmaceutical medications and treatments. 

The abovementioned conditions are only a few of what a chiropractor treatment can truly address. The care can also be very advantageous in dealing with digestive problems, cardiovascular problems, and pre-menstrual discomfort and pain. With an aim to condition the patient’s body and help it function as a whole, there is no enough reason not to try it. 

As for safety concerns, Chiropractic care is considered totally safe for people of all ages, including the elderly and children. On that note, you should consider calling your trusted Chiropractor first before heading on to the nearest clinic or hospital if you are experiencing discomfort and pain. They say chiropractic care is a reliable natural treatment alternative and that claim has been there for a reason without any medical personnel disproving it. 

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