Reasons to choose Nicotine Free Juice

Updated on August 2, 2019

Vaping and nicotine are in no way attached to each other but are often used and mentioned in conjunction. The major reason is the fact that vaping is seen as an alternative to tobacco smoking and nicotine is simply to help people make the switch. This is basically why nicotine and vaping go hand in hand. There are, however, numerous reasons to vape nicotine-free juices and use substitutes to e-liquids. A few of the reasons are as follows:


The most important thing about going nicotine free is that it is non-toxic. While e-juices contain nicotine, non-nicotine juices are typically made from food-grade ingredients and are available at Longhorn Vapor e-liquids. This means there remains nothing harmful about these juices. Also, if there is a risk of spills or the juice getting into the hands of kids or pets, for instance, know that nicotine-free juices would do no harm. The only possibility is of an allergic reaction to an individual but that again is to a certain ingredient and is not related to vaping or nicotine-free juice. However, the non-toxic nature of the juice still requires it to be stored at a safe place away from children and pets because while for humans, it is non-toxic, it may still hurt the pets and is still not suitable for ingesting or inhaling directly to lungs.

 No Addiction

While we are dealing with vaping for the sake of giving up on tobacco addiction, we certainly are not looking to get into a different kind of addiction with vaping altogether. For this purpose, nicotine-free juices are the best choice as there does not remain any addictive factor in zero-nicotine e-juice. And it is worth noting that ‘no nicotine’ does not imply nicotine levels reduced to zero but no nicotine in the first place! There is a difference between the two.

One interesting mishandling does lie at the part of FDA-issued labeling requirements that causes confusion. As per FDA rules, there can be only two types of labels on vape juices; one telling that the products contain nicotine and nicotine is addictive, the other telling that the product is made from tobacco. This latter format goes for the nicotine-free juices.

In reality, however, the nicotine-free juices contain neither nicotine nor tobacco which means it is free from any addictive material.

 Guaranteed negative nicotine tests!

With the bloom of the industry, there came precautionary measures as well. The employers sometimes have zero nicotine policy in place which means nicotine, in any form, be it patches, gums, vaping or tobacco, is unacceptable. Apart from other reasons, these employers often claim that they have the policy in place due to health insurance premiums. The insurance companies normally charge higher premiums for smokers and for the purpose it’s not just the employers but the insurance companies as well that conduct tests on the workers. Some employers also list workplace environment and even employee performance as a reason to have zero nicotine policy in place.

So if you vape nicotine-free juice, it won’t show up in the nicotine tests. It usually takes four days for bodily fluids to get rid of nicotine which means you cannot vape nicotine if you have a test coming up. While nicotine-free juices work just fine without getting you into trouble and without you having to give up on vaping for days.

Affords Nicotine Break

The biggest plus is probably the fact that you can take a nice useful nicotine break without having to give up on vaping. Probably the actual motive behind a major vaping population is getting rid of the addiction, and that is conveniently done with zero nicotine vape. Like with decaf coffee that still contains caffeine in super-low levels, non-nicotine juices contain zero nicotine literally. So vape all you want while giving the body a rest from nicotine. It’s a win-win situation!

 No “throat hit”

The characteristic “throat hit” is subtracted when vaping nicotine-free juices. Many vapers usually like the sensation but some don’t like it. Nicotine free juices work best for those times. Also, the smokers going through a rehabilitation phase have newer mucous hair growth under process while at a break which may cause coughing on vaping. Nicotine free vape spares that hassle too. Also, zero nicotine juice gives more flavor, warmth and better clouds-all this without the nicotine hitting the throat.

 Make enviably good clouds!

With all the cosmetic hype associated with vaping, it is unreasonable to think that clouds or similar trick are not one of the considerations of the people who smoke or vape. While it is established that tricks and clouds are important to vapers, the zero-nicotine juices are the best option for the purpose.

The zero nicotine juices, as stated before, do not hit the throat, do not cause coughing and are warmer in feel and thus produce better clouds and tricks.

Great for diabetics

The non-nicotine vape juices made from food-grade ingredients offer a variety of flavors without nicotine. Also, nicotine-free vape juices give a better, richer flavor. Thus it is a good way to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings without actually having to ingest sugar in tangible form. This is an ideal scenario for diabetic vapers.

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