Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dental Office Space for Rent

Updated on March 6, 2021

Whether you are opening a dental clinic for the first time or relocating, the space you choose for your practice is vital to determine how well you will do in your profession. That’s why finding the right dental office is critical to your clinic’s success. Even highly qualified and experienced dentists can hinder their growth by renting the wrong dental office space.

If you are looking for a fresh dig for your dental practice, there are several questions to ask before making the big decision. You may also take the help of experts like the ones available at to be sure. Here are a few essential questions you must ask before choosing a dental office space for rent.

Is it the right location for your staff members and patients?

The location of your dental office makes a huge difference in your reach and accessibility. An ideal office location must be easy to find, easily identifiable through signage, and well-connected with major highways. If you have an upscale practice, select an address that can attract a similar type of clientele. 

The area’s demographics help decide if your dental practice would be a good business in the neighborhood. Dental specialists can position their practice nearby a general dentist who can share referrals. Life’s quality also comes into play, as you have to consider how much time you can afford to spend on transit every day.

The location should be easily accessible to your staff members as well as your patients. Prefer an office on a busy street, which can also attract local footfall looking for a dentist.

How much competition is there in the area?

While avoiding competition altogether is impossible in any place and any industry, you must consider the number of your competitors in the neighborhood. Study the area a little bit and find out the dentist-to-patient ratio in it. Avoid renting office space in an area that has too high or too low of this ratio. 

Is the space big enough to accommodate your staff and equipment?

A small dental clinic would better fit your budget but may not accommodate all your equipment, files, desks, and staff members. If you decide to expand in a few months or years, a crowded space would not be able to fulfil the increased space needs. On the other hand, a large dental clinic would cost more, and you may end up paying more rent than needed.

Ideally, the dental clinic space you choose should be the right size that can conveniently accommodate your staff members, equipment, along with some space for waiting patients.

Are the design and layout good for your dental office needs?

Before you rent a dental office space, give attention to its design and layout. Apart from location and size, it’s also important to envision the spaces where you will set up your treatment rooms, reception areas, imaging areas, private office, storage area, waiting room, etc. The clinic’s layout is fundamental to manage operations and patient flow. 

Will your clinic be visible enough to attract patients and visitors?

The location of your clinic should be easily visible and accessible to patients and visitors. Is it accessible from an intersection or highway? Is it located in a high-traffic area? Does it provide enough parking space? Giving attention to the traffic patterns in the area is worth the efforts you make. 

What are the rent and lease terms? 

Affordability matters a lot when it comes to renting a dental office space. Depending on your business and income, you can choose a space that best suits your budget needs. However, don’t compromise on location and facilities to save a few bucks. A wrong selection now can cost much more in the long run. Don’t go overboard either. You won’t want to spend a large part of your income on the rent. So, set your budget and choose a location with a rent you are convenient with.

Also, ask about the lease terms. What amenities will be included in the rented office space? Who will pay for the utilities? Who will take care of the repairs? These are some questions you must ask before finalizing a dental office space for rent.

What will be the conditions of a rent increase?

When you take a rental property, the landlord usually does not agree to accept the same rent for the entire lease term. There are conditions for rent increase at regular intervals of time. Find out how often they will increase the rent and how much.

Still confused about how to choose a suitable dental office space? Seek the help of an expert who caters to office spaces in your industry and help you choose the suitable space as per your requirements, preferences, and budget.

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