Questions to Ask Before Getting Assessed for Custom Orthotics in Vancouver

Updated on January 20, 2021

You decide to go on a walk, covering prominent locations in Vancouver, from the Marine Building, steam clock to the Yaletown/ False Creek walking loop. But you have diabetes, just as the 7% of the city’s population and its recent bout has increased your foot pain, forcing you to cancel your plans.

While you live in Canada’s 5th most walkable city, it’s a pain when you cannot go around the city on foot. You can resolve your issue by seeking professional help from an expert in orthotics in Vancouver

Here are some of the relevant questions you can ask the specialists before getting assessed for custom orthotics in Vancouver.

Will There Be Pain?

Vancouver has a thriving GDP of over $137 billion, with sectors like import/export distribution trade, healthcare and tourism, forming its economy’s backbone. All these industries require you to be super active and, most of the time, standing to offer your services.

Custom Orthotics act as a cushion inside your shoes, giving your feet adequate support, thus relieving you from chronic pain. Confirm with the expert that you won’t feel pain while wearing the insoles for prolonged hours. Ask if they will use 3D scanning technology for precise measurements to help you with ailments like heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and bunions.

Will the Custom Orthotics Correct Leg and Foot Alignment?

Vancouver’s transportation 2040 vision is to make at least 2/3rd of all trips on foot or bike. And, only if your lower body alignment is right, you can enjoy these commuting pleasures.

The customized solutions typically provide steady support to your entire feet, helping align your lower leg and foot. Ask the consultant if they will consider your entire foot surface for customizing the insole, as that will yield the best results.

Can the Custom Orthotics Prevent Injuries?

While the Port of Vancouver ranks as Canada’s largest port, it’s also North America’s third-largest facility in tonnage capacity. Because of such work locations, one out of every ten injuries reported at work involves feet.

Check whether the specialist in orthotics in Vancouver will provide sufficient protection for your feet from fractures and other possible injuries. Confirm if there will be legroom to avoid over-extensions.

Will the Custom Orthotics Be Sturdy?

While walking, biking and hiking are the city’s identity, Stanley Park forms an integral part of Vancouver’s outdoor culture. If you wish to have a good time outside, your feet and overall health shouldn’t come in the way.

Ask the medical practitioner if the custom orthotics will provide the necessary support while pursuing your outdoorsy aspirations, even if you have a severe foot condition.

What is the Billing Process?

Top consultants in Vancouver provide direct billing for selected insurance companies, like Pacific Blue Cross and Canada Life/ Great-West Life.

Confirm with the facility representatives if they have your insurance policy and provider on their list to proceed with direct billing. Otherwise, speak to your insurance provider before proceeding with your custom orthotics assessment.

As per a recent report, Vancouver is the world’s 5th healthiest city; it presents lovely greenways connecting various destinations for pedestrians. 

Ask all possible related questions to the orthotics specialists delivering top-quality custom orthotics before commencing with the necessary assessments. Rest assured, you will have a tailor-made solution for your foot, ensuring you can happily walk miles on these greenways, exploring Vancouver.

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