Pursuing an M.S. in Educational Administration With Principal Licensure Online

Updated on February 22, 2024

If you’re interested in a leadership role in education, you may want to become a school principal. This career path requires a master’s degree and can lead to higher-than-average salaries.

YSU’s Master of Education Administration w/ Principal Licensure program prepares you to manage budget issues, law, and culture and develop your professional abilities. This cohort-based program also includes an internship.

Program Overview

Whether you’re looking to become a school administrator or already in the field and want to advance in your career, an online masters in education administration can help you get there. The program can help you gain the skills, insight, and practical applications necessary to shape educational policies and lead initiatives that benefit students, educators, and communities.

A master’s in education administration with principal licensure online is designed for professionals with a master’s degree in an education-related field and a teaching license. You can take courses on your schedule to balance work, life, and studies.

This program is Ohio state-approved to meet the requirements for a building-level administrator license (grades preK-6, grades 4-9, or grades 5-12). It may also satisfy some state requirements in other states. You should check with your state public education department to see if Walden’s program meets all state requirements. 


Students enroll in academic courses that professors with real-world leadership experience teach. These professors work with students to understand their unique situations and help them develop the skills necessary to be successful in their careers.

The program also requires a field experience or internship as part of its curriculum, where an experienced administrator mentors students to learn how to be successful leaders at the building and district levels. The university provides a list of potential internship sites for students to choose from, and the school’s staff works with each student to secure an internship that fits their schedule.

Graduates of this online education administration program can go on to lead a variety of educational institutions, including elementary schools, secondary schools, and colleges and universities. They can also become education directors for non-profit organizations and serve as education consultants. This is an exciting career opportunity for those passionate about promoting excellence in education.


An online master’s in education administration program is designed to accommodate the increasingly busy schedules of working professionals. Students may begin their degree in any of three semesters per year.

Upon graduating, you’ll have the skills and experience to lead schools, districts, and educational organizations in human resources, finance, law, curriculum development, and strategic planning. You’ll also learn how to develop a positive school culture and help teachers meet their goals and students reach their potential.


Become a visionary educational leader with our online Master’s degree in School Administration with Principal Licensure. Gain the skills to manage educational institutions, shape policies, and lead initiatives that enhance student achievement, empower educators, and benefit the community. Dive deeper into leadership theory, organizational management, and real-world application through our internship and field experiences.

Upon successful program completion, you may be recommended for principal licensure in your state. This flexible program, available at multiple entry points throughout the year, will equip you to make a lasting impact on the future of education.

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