Heartland—Providing Care for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

By Christopher Cussat

Heartland Home Care, Hospice and IV Care (Heartland) is a national health care provider specializing in home care, hospice, and IV care (also known as infusion therapy). According to the company’s Pittsburgh Manager of Business Development, Kimberly Fanelli, RN, BSN, MBD, Heartland is actually a division of HCR-ManorCare—a leading provider of short-term post-hospital medical care, rehabilitation, and long-term skilled nursing care.

HCR-ManorCare itself has nearly 60,000 employees who provide care for patients and residents through a network of more than 500 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, and outpatient rehabilitation clinics, as well as hospice and home care agencies.

Fanelli explains, “In many areas of the country, we also have skilled nursing facilities called ‘ManorCare Health Services.’ We also have secure Alzheimer’s assisted living facilities called Arden Courts—and in the Pittsburgh area, we have nine ManorCare Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and three Arden Courts’ facilities.”

Heartland alone has three main product lines:  home care, hospice, and IV Care. Fanelli continues, “The first service that we offer is home care. Heartland Home Health Care provides services that address the patient’s physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs through a specially trained team of nurses, therapists, and social workers. Services are provided with the focus on maximizing recovery, well-being, and/or quality of life.”

What separates Heartland from other health services companies is the fact it provides care for the mind, body, and spirit that is comforting and compassionate. “We respect our patients’ and their families’ choices. We also accept and support our patients wherever they are in life’s journey,” adds Fanelli.

Another unique offering of Heartland is Home IV services. Fanelli explains, “Patients receiving Home IV Care enjoy the satisfaction of returning to their own surroundings, resuming daily activities, taking an active role in their own care, and/or returning to work.” She adds that supporting the patient’s independence offers significant physical and emotional benefits that help recovery and healing. “Our IV care program is different because we have a specialized program that focuses on fragile and elderly patients to ensure that their special needs are met. For example, the labels are enlarged or we send two packages instead of one because one would be too heavy.”

The last service that Heartland provides is hospice—providing supportive care for patients and loved ones living with advanced illness, while tailoring care to their preferences and choice. “Our hospice team focuses on comfort by addressing the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual symptoms or needs of the patient and his/her loved ones. Our hospice program is different because patients need not lose hope nor stop comforting treatments to receive hospice services and advance directives—and health care decisions do not need to be completed.”

Heartland’s unique offerings and addressing the psychological and spiritual aspects of health care in addition to the physical sets it apart from other providers. And helping patients and families while they are making important decisions about their health services is the ultimate focus of Heartland’s care.

For more information on Heartland visit:  www.heartlandhomecare.com or www.heartlandhospice.com. For more information on HCR-ManorCare please visit: www.hcr- manorcare.com.

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