Pro-tips to win big at your local Pickleball tournament

Updated on April 23, 2019

A Pickleball tournament is a thrilling and exhilarating experience. If you are good at it and make sure of a few key things, you might just make it to the top at your local tournament. Eternal glory awaits you, Pickleballer. So, let us have a look at how you can prepare for the fierce competitiveness of a tournament?

Picking the right partner

In case you are participating in the doubles game you need a partner. For this game, you need to be entirely in sync with the partner. This means the skill set as well the strategies should match or complement each other. A shred mindset and ability to communicate freely while a rally is ongoing or in general throughout the match is a sure recipe for success. 

The mental preparation is important

You need all the mental training you can have while going for a tournament. This is essential because you need to keep in mind that a tournament is not a casual game you are playing to enjoy. Pride and glory are at stake here, and there might be banter, cheering, jeering and gamesmanship. If this is your first ever tournament, do not get riled up at the chance of winning. Play well and play fare but do not worry about the gold medal. With a bit of luck and pluck, you will get there in the end. 

Research work is important

No competitive sporting event is without the research work that lays the foundation and groundwork for winning. You need to stay aware of the rules and regulation of the tournament you are preparing for as well as the strategies for every match according to the skill set of the opponents. It is a great idea to watch all the competitors in action to get a good idea about the expertise of the players involved. Get used to the conditions, the ball, the court, and the nerves while you go all guns blazing at your opposition. 

Always learn to enjoy yourself

At the end of the day, it is just a game and lives aren’t at stake here. So, it is vital that you learn to enjoy and have a good experience. Yes, that go-getter and win-it-at-all-costs mentality are great for pumping yourself up, but sportsmanship and spirit of the game are essential as well. Meet with the players, have a chat, make new friends and take the losses in your stride. You did not sign up for a sure win but a fantastic experience, so soak it all up.

Prepare physically

Any kind of racquet game is tough and taxing physically. Your body needs maintenance and a top condition to even appear at a tournament where you will need to play multiple matches in a single day. You will sweat, and your reserves will be burnt out. Make sure to have plenty of water and carry an energy bar or two to make for all the lost energy. Rest well the night before the tournament. 

Follow these simple guidelines to make sure you get a fighting chance to make it big at a Pickleball tournament. All the best!

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