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Updated on July 30, 2019

Establishing an ecosystem of daycare procedures, Pristyn Care is leading & defining the industry standards to disrupt the surgical space in India. The company has recently celebrated its first anniversary and has expanded in over 4 tier 1 cities and nearly 10 tier 2 cities before turning one.

They are the only platform who are leveraging technology to deliver a seamless surgical experience at every step of the way and ensuring that people looking for high-quality healthcare must not face any further problem when they visit Pristyn Care Clinic.

Involvement of Technology in Healthcare!

With more and more inventions, innovations, and technologies surfacing to make life easier, even robots and learning machines are something that some people see and use daily. Every industry is leveraging the help of big computing machines, thinking robots and electro-mechanical arms using sensors. This is setting up a new era to come. The healthcare industry is also taking the front seat in the paradigm shift, and running at the same pace as analytics and intelligence.

Pristyn Care has already steered efforts to be on top of all advancements in the modern healthcare industry. They are using best-in-class engineering applications, computer-aided virtual imaging and highly precise surgical equipment to diagnose and treat patients. They are providing daycare procedures for illness under the purview of Proctology, Urology, ENT, and Gynecology.

How is Pristyn Care different?

For starters, they are a healthcare service provider backed with strong operations and technology. They take care of every patient just the same way, keeping the motto intact. Seamless Surgical Experience. Modern procedures are based on the latest techniques such as LASER, Laparoscopic, and Coblation. The hassle-free patient journey extends an assurance of taking care of insurance approval as well as patient satisfaction.

Laser-based treatment helps in faster recovery and also, treatments performed by Pristyn Care specialists are USDFA-approved that involve minimal cuts or wounds. Furthermore, a team member available as a 24/7 Personal Care Coordinator and even takes care of all the insurance procedures. The coordinator also manages the patient’s schedule, help in free pick-up & drop as well as ensures follow-up physician consultation.

Pillars at Pristyn Care!

  • The team is dedicated to delivering a seamless surgical experience to patients
  • They cover all insurance and help our patients with all the claim documentation
  • They take care of your biggest hassle, i.e., insurance claim
  • The doctors are qualified to operate high-precision equipment
  • They facilitate the best & experienced specialists in your care
  • The doctors use the best-in-class technological equipment to perform surgeries
  • They are using technologies such as Virtual imaging, LASER, and Coblation, etc
  • They provide daycare procedures in the continual effort of making a patient journey easier
  • The team works with you to manage the hassle of an insurance claim
  • A team member will pro-actively help a patient to fill the documents
  • They perform the best & most reliable procedures with high-quality instruments
  • The doctors use the latest medical devices that are regulated by the USFDA
  • The experienced and expert specialist performs minimally invasive surgeries
  • Patients feel no or mild pain, and recoveries are quite faster
  • The patients feel free of the condition and can go home within 24 hours
  • After 2-3 days of surgical treatment, the patient can continue his routine
  • They offer patients to avail 0% interest EMI options for a hassle-free experience

A summary of experience at the Pristyn Care Clinic

We live in an era of ever-evolving technology. Pristyn Care is using the same to give better care by advanced procedures to take care of all our problems with technology. Pristyn Care wants to eliminate pain-points for patients who are looking for healthcare.

The treatments can cure symptoms, surgical procedures can make you well. The team is committed to the quality of care. All the senior doctors possess over a decade of experience & performed thousands of surgical procedures and have a long list of satisfied patients.

They dedicate a 24/7 personal care coordinator to manage insurance procedures and help you get peace & rest. To deliver the best care, they are using by far, the most advanced and highly compliant devices and procedures. The advanced surgeries are painless and involve minimum cuts and wounds. The surgical treatments performed using a minimally invasive technique involves a few smaller incisions, this enables faster healing and better recovery.

Pristyn Care believes in the patient’s experience. For the vision of the company and remove all the hassle from patients journey, they devote a valued and informed a member of Pristyn Care team for patient care at all times. The Specialist will also provide a diet chart for the patients to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. After the hassle-free surgical experience, the Pristyn Care team will always help the patient in making follow-up meetings which are free of charge.

All in all!

We all heard about entrepreneurs building something to help people, make life easier, more luxurious, or hassle-free for that matter. Healthcare is something we still look like something traditional. The quality of care and best-in-class treatments that Prityn Care is trying to provide to people in need is praiseworthy. It is a new step in healthcare that is more capable of any company in any other industry. Can you imagine having fun or living how you wanted in bad health! No one can. We all want to be in good health. Another thing we would like to add here: the team at Pristyn Care is constantly adding new and core cities in India, going and exploring on a massive scale. They want to set foot in over 50 cities by 2020.

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