Prevention is better than cure! Signs you need a new doctor

Updated on October 9, 2020

We’ve all had an experience where something isn’t as good as it should be. That new restaurant you’ve heard so many good things about, that new dress that looked great on the model on the website and those kid’s toys that promise hours of fun but in reality only last a few minutes…it’s frustrating to be disappointed and let down by something, yet we brush it off and move on.

However, when it comes to your medical care and your doctor, you really shouldn’t settle. When we visit the doctor with a concern, an illness, a pregnancy or an injury we expect a high standard of care every single time. Sadly, for many people, that just doesn’t happen and they’re left to cope with the aftermath of a medical professional who didn’t meet their expectations – you can get more info from a Long Island medical malpractice lawyer, here just click the link. 

In these kinds of cases, prevention is better than cure. So, it’s important to recognize the signs that your doctor might not be meeting your standards and when it’s time to find another one. 

Read on to find out more…

They’re not listening

Do you truly believe that your doctor is listening to your concerns? If you visit your doctor about a strange lump, yet all they want to talk about is your BMI then they’re clearly not taking your concerns seriously. 

Are you constantly returning to your doctor’s office, complaining of the same ailments, yet the doctor is providing you with the wrong answers or not listening to your symptoms? Do they spend the entire appointment going through their paperwork or looking at their computer, rather than actually engaging with you? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to find a new doctor. 

You can’t ever see them

If your doctor is good, then they’ll have plenty of other patients waiting to see them. It’s a great sign that they’re well respected and valued. However, if you can never get an appointment to see them and you’re seen by other doctors or nurses instead then you may want to look elsewhere. Waiting too long to speak with a doctor about your problems could have serious adverse effects on your general health!

There’s no communication between specialists and consultants

If you or a family member has ongoing, specialist care such as orthoptist or audiology appointments that require visits to consultants or other medical teams, then there should be a high level of effective communication between everyone who is invested in your care and treatments. 

If you have to reiterate and explain to your doctor every time you see them, where you are with your treatments and appointments, or they’re sending you in circles because they’re out of the loop then this is simply unacceptable and a complete waste of everyone’s time. 

Finally, they make you feel intimidated

You were scolded at your suggestion of getting a second opinion, you felt bullied into having examinations or having treatments without looking at other options, you worry you’re being judged…if your doctor makes you feel this way, then you should seek a new one immediately, and possibly consider making a complaint. 

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