Potential Careers for People Who Love Healthcare 

Updated on March 18, 2019

People often find themselves drawn to pursue careers in different industries for various reasons. It could be to do with the fact that they are skilled in particular areas or because of passions they’ve developed over time. If you enjoy caring for people and helping them find solutions to health challenges, then you may be interested in the healthcare industry. There is a range of careers one could pursue within the industry no matter what area you want to specialize in which may be encouraging to know as well. With that being said, here are potential careers for people who have an interest in healthcare.


If you’ve ever watched medical sitcoms and envisioned yourself operating on people one day, then you should consider becoming a surgeon. This is a career that could require a significant amount of time, focus and finance, so you should be sure it’s one you want to do before getting started. 

In order to become a surgeon, you’d first need to get a bachelor’s degree in something related to physical sciences. You could then go on to complete medical school and get a doctorate as well as post-doctorate training. Note that all states also require you to get medical licensure to practice legally, so anticipate that too.  

Family Nurse Practitioner 

Another possible career for healthcare lovers would be becoming a family nurse practitioner. If you don’t know what they do, these professionals are advanced practiced registered nurses who work with other healthcare professionals to deliver family-focused care. This is an ideal career if you have always wanted to work with families and like the idea of helping them keep their health in order. Your day to day would include developing treatment plans as well as educating patients on disease prevention. 

This career path requires that you pass the NCLEX-RN exam and become a licensed RN. You should also take the FNP degree online which is a course designed for working nurses as coursework is 100% online. By the end of the course, you will have enhanced your nursing skills, and you should graduate ready to take the Family Nurse Practitioner National Certification exam. 


In addition to the mentioned, becoming a physician is another great career path to take for healthcare lovers. What you could expect to do on a daily basis in this role is to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. To become a physician, you’re going to have to invest many years in both education and training; however, if it’s what you want, it should be worth it in the end. More specifically you’ll be looking at getting an undergraduate degree, going through medical school, taking a residency program, and getting a license to practice. In terms of earning potential, you could be getting anything from $166,000 and above depending on your experience. 


For those who have more of an interest in mental health than physical health, becoming a psychiatrist could be something that you find appealing. You’d be diagnosing as well as treating mental illnesses, so you’d need the right skill set as well as excellent people skills to succeed in this field. There are three primary methods you could use to treat patients which include personal counseling, hospitalization, as well as medication. 

The median salary of a psychiatrist is typically around $208,000, and they are one of the best-paid positions in the healthcare industry. In terms of education, you’d need to make your way through an undergraduate program and then enroll in medical school. Like with the other careers, a medical residency and license will also need to be part of your plans too. 


If you’ve always been obsessed with picture perfect smiles and wondered what the science behind good teeth is, then becoming a dentist could be a good fit for you. A day in the life of a dentist would consist of treating people’s teeth and gums as well as giving them preventative health so that they can maintain good oral health. Seeing as this career is amongst one of the highest paid healthcare jobs if pay matters this would be ideal as well. The three primary things you’ll need to become a dentist are a bachelor’s degree, dental school, and a license. 

Beginning a career in healthcare isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do, but if you find one you love it can be worthwhile. As mentioned above, find a niche that makes you feel fulfilled and make it your mission to put your best foot forward every step of the way. 

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