Porcelain Crowns – Why they are a Great Cosmetic Restoration?

Updated on February 16, 2024

Porcelain crowns, which can also be called as ‘siblings of natural teeth’, are a form of cosmetic restoration used for protecting teeth that have been damaged, decayed or weakened. They are even ideal for covering stained and discoloured teeth whose appearance cannot be improved with treatments like teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. 

Amongst the various types of dental crowns, porcelain crowns are considered to be the best option in many cases. As the name indicates, crowns that are made from porcelain are known as ‘Porcelain Crowns’. Other materials used for fabricating dental crowns are gold, silver, platinum, resin, ceramic, and more. Even porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns are made for some patients.

What are Dental Crowns Used for?

Dental crowns made from porcelain and other materials are an innovative treatment in cosmetic dentistry. It has been designed for helping patients that suffer from cosmetic dental problems. However, these crowns offer not only aesthetic benefits but also functional benefits.

From cracked and missing tooth to diseased and misshaped tooth, a broad range of dental issues related to the appearance of the teeth can be resolved by using this treatment. In case of the missing, lost, or diseased tooth, other treatments, such as dental implants are also required along with the dental crown treatment. Patients suffering from root canal infection have to undergo both dental implants and dental crowns treatment procedures. 

Dental crowns act as a ‘cap’ or a ‘cover’ as they are cemented over the natural teeth. Before attaching the crown, the dentist ensures that the remaining portion of the decayed or destroyed tooth has the necessary strength to handle the crown and the cement. If decayed material is left in the tooth, the dentist removes it efficiently. The dentist also removes the outer portion of the tooth to make the crown fit.

Are Porcelain Crowns Safe?

Yes, porcelain crowns, i.e., dental crowns made from porcelain are completely safe for patients of all ages. They are the most suitable crowns in a variety of situations, except when the patient is suffering from teeth grinding. As a material, porcelain is biologically compatible with the human body. 

So, dental crowns made from porcelain neither carry any inherent risks nor cause any side effects. No damage will occur to the tooth which is restored with a crown and adjacent teeth. Patients don’t have to worry about abrasion, allergic reaction, or any other problem.

How Long do Porcelain Crowns Last?

With proper care and oral hygiene maintenance, porcelain crowns can last for as long as 15 years. In the case of some patients, they even last for a lifetime. Porcelain is a highly durable material, and so, patients don’t need to visit a best cosmetic dentist every few months or years.

How much do Porcelain Crowns Cost?

As compared to the dental crowns made from metals, like gold and silver, porcelain crowns are extremely cheaper. As they can last for a long time, dental crowns made from the porcelain material are a cost-effective treatment option. Moreover, as patients don’t have to schedule frequent appointments, the fees charged by the dentist are also saved.

Are Porcelain Crowns Worth the Money?

The cosmetic dental treatment of fixing the porcelain crown over the tooth offers a ton of benefits to patients. An experienced technician fabricated the crown in the dental laboratory by using the mould prepared by the dentist. While taking the mould of the natural tooth of a patient, the cosmetic dentist observes the colour of the tooth. Porcelain crowns are custom made to match the shape and colour of the natural teeth. 

As porcelain is a shiny, lustrous, and translucent material, the crown resembles a natural tooth. Patients can talk, smile, and eat confidently without the fear that their friends, relatives, or colleagues will notice the dental crown. Not just the look but also the feel of a porcelain crown is similar to that of a natural tooth. 

So, patients don’t feel comfortable at any point in time. They also don’t have to feel concerned about tooth discolouration because porcelain is a stain-resistant material. Porcelain crowns are light in weight and can be fitted quickly, thereby adding to the comfort and convenience of patients.

Wrapping Up

Fixing porcelain crowns is an effective cosmetic dental treatment as it helps to avoid teeth extraction and restore damaged teeth. The treatment procedure can be completed in one or two appointments. So, patients don’t have to go through hassles. To conclude, the porcelain crown is a great teeth restoration option, especially for front teeth.

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