The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries in the US Revealed

As more and more societies today thrive on the way people look, it’s giving people the motivation to look as attractive as they can. There are many ways people can do this, and while some people opt for skin creams and the like, others opt for cosmetic surgery to provide instant results. If you’re looking to look younger or you’re wanting to increase confidence in the way your body looks, consider the below surgeries that are known to be among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the US.

Breast Lift

Women are becoming more and more conscious of how their breasts look these days, especially as they get older, so it’s no surprise that breast lifts are so popular in the US. Surgeons carefully make incisions around the breast and areola so they can remove excess skin, and then they bring the areola and nipple up to a higher position. The skin that was originally above the areola is then used to reshape the breast. “Aging, weight fluctuations and pregnancy can have a dramatic impact on thebreasts,”says New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Jordan Farkas. “For those reasons, year after year mastopexy remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in America.”

Tummy Tuck

Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that’s undertaken to combat sagging skin. Sagging skin can occur for multiple reasons, such as after birth and weight loss. Incisions are usually made above the belly button area, and the objective for the surgeon is to try and tighten the loose abdominal wall by using a suture on muscle and loose underlying tissue. It’s a common procedure that’s gaining more and more popularity in the United States as people are starting to see the real benefits of losing weight.

Breast Augmentation

While many women opt for breast lifts to make themselves feel youthful again, others prefer the breast implant route to give their breasts more shape. The breast implant industry is one of the biggest cosmetic industries around and, although it’s sometimes costly to acquire, it’s known to provide excellent results that have made hundreds of thousands of women feel confident again. Surgeons begin a breast implantation by creating a pocket underneath the pictorial muscle, where they will then insert either a silicon or saline implant depending on the patient’s requirements.

IPL Laser Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser Treatment is becoming more and more popular these days for those looking to get rid of birthmarks or age spots in a timely manner. The treatment is classed as nonsurgical and has been known to provide excellent results to patients with little to no recovery time. It’s one of the most affordable cosmetic surgeries available that doesn’t pose as many risks as some of the other surgeries out there.

The above cosmetic surgeries are just some of the most popular surgeries out there, and it’s unsurprising given the excellent results people crave. So, if you’re looking to increase confidence in the way you look and feel, the above cosmetic surgeries could well provide you with the instant results you desire.