Pittsburgh Better Times: A Lifestyle Publication for People who are Divorced, Widowed, and Separated

Harvey D. Kart

By Harvey D. Kart

Pittsburgh Better Times is a lifestyle publication and website serving the nearly one half-million individuals* in Pittsburgh and surrounding counties who are divorced, widowed, and separated. Backed by my 25-year experience as a niche publisher of titles including Western Pennsylvania Hospital News, Pittsburgh Boomers, Next Generation, and Western Pennsylvania Nursing News, this print and digital magazine will be driven by the voices of our writers and the audience we plan to serve.

With the loss of two great friends, Leo Rebholz and Karen Houston, I have seen their respective spouses, Kathy and Jerry, navigate through the grief process and find their new “normals.” Additionally, my wife and I are now helping our daughter, Kristen, as well as our two grandchildren, undergo the emotional upheaval of a divorce. We’re supporting them through this difficult time and helping them refocus and rebuild their lives.

Always being someone who tries to see the positive things in life, I wanted to create a vehicle for those who are in different stages of moving on with their lives and are discovering their new normal. With Pittsburgh Better Times, I hope to highlight and profile those individuals who are divorced, widowed, and separated in a positive way and inspire others as they continue on with their lives.

Pittsburgh Better Times will feature educational and informative articles as well as enriching and empowering stories about life, love, and leaps of faith. Our aim is to meet the diverse, personal needs of our readers by delivering relevant information on arts & entertainment, business, careers, health, humor, money management, nutrition, online resources, relationships, self-improvement, travel, volunteerism, and more.

As an extension of our brand, readers can also follow Pittsburgh Better Times through our social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook—to connect with others who share similar personal experiences, challenges, ideas, and questions.

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For more information on Pittsburgh Better Times, please contact me at [email protected] or 770-353-5847 or Daniel Casciato, our Assistant to the Publisher, at [email protected] or 412.607.9808.

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John’s Story


Great concept Harvey- Best wishes for success!
-Lucy Novelly Seger

Good Luck and best wishes on this new venture. It sounds interesting and relevant.
-Tom Surman

Bravo! Pittsburgh needs something for single people especially those over 40 or 50. Thank you for identifying a need and filling it.
-Mary Lee Gannon

What a wonderful way to turn some sad experiences into something positive that can help so many others! A great and moving tribute to your departed friends and their families. I think it’s a brilliant idea! Good luck with it!
-Susan Pearlman

Looks wonderful!! Great job!!
-Cheryl Nemanic

Nice addition.  I had tears in my eyes when I read your article about your best friend Leo.  I know what you are going through.  I recently lost a good friend as well.  it will get better, time does heal the pain and you will see him again, “count on it!”.

I am happy to see that someone is publishing something for divorced and widowed people living in the Pittsburgh area.  I went through a divorce myself and was a single parent many years ago when I moved to Pittsburgh.  I am still single as are many of my relatives and friends and it will be nice to have a publication geared to people in our situation. Good luck with your new endeavor and thanks on behalf of the many single people in the Pittsburgh area!
-Catherine Stearns

I’m writing to congratulate you on another great publishing idea. This will be a success as have a great many of your projects (not all, I’m sure).
-Rick Rogow.