PhenQ Review: Is it Effective for Weight Loss?

Updated on January 28, 2023

Have you tried to lose weight through exercise and diet without much success? If so, then you must be considering using a fat burner supplement to help you along.

This is a supplement that can accelerate the rate of fat burning in the body and help you stick to your diet and exercise routines. With consistent use, you’ll find that the most stubborn fat disappears.

In this review, we’ll be looking at PhenQ. This fat burner supplement is suitable for men and women who wish to lose weight safely and quickly.

Unlike many weight loss supplements in the markets, it’s completely natural and targets body fat through multiple ways.

Read on to find out more about PhenQ, how it works, and why you should consider using it next for your weight loss goals. Also, find out about attractive discounts and where you can buy the genuine product.


Who Should Use PhenQ?

PhenQ was formulated to help individuals who want to get rid of stubborn body fat. If you’ve tried to lose weight without much success, only to have the fat pile on more on your body, you should use this supplement.

This is because this supplement works by melting body fat and also by inhibiting the production of more fat in the body. So, it’s great for people who want to lose weight or avoid gaining more.

If you want to have better success in your diet regimen, then you too should use this supplement. PhenQ suppresses appetite naturally, which makes it easier to stick to a diet that requires calorie restriction.

You’ll not feel as hungry as before, and your sugar cravings will be curbed. It will increase your chances of succeeding with your diet.

PhenQ should also be used by people who wish to maintain a regular exercise routine. This is because it boosts energy production in the body. After using it, you’ll feel more energetic and motivated to take part in physical activity.

Lastly, PhenQ is a suitable supplement for you if your diet has been leaving you feeling cranky all the time. This fat burner contains ingredients that can soothe your mood and boost your motivation, helping you feel better as you maintain your diet.

PhenQ can be used by both adult men and women who want to lose weight in a quick but healthy way.

PhenQ Review: Brand Overview

PhenQ is manufactured and distributed by Wolfson Berg Limited. This company has been in the supplement industry for more than a decade and is known as a pioneer in fat burner production.

This supplement is different from others in the market for many reasons. First, it tackles weight loss in more than one way. This is unlike other products that either help you suppress appetite, burn fat, or increase your energy.

Known as 5 pills in 1, PhenQ will help you achieve all of these, alongside improving your mood and inhibiting fat production in the body. With these multiple courses of action, PhenQ is able to work faster than other weight loss supplements in the body.

Secondly, PhenQ is formulated using 100% natural ingredients with no artificial additives. This is unlike synthetic weight loss pills in the market or the natural ones that use artificial fillers.

Also, PhenQ reveals all the ingredients used on their website, compared to other brands that hide ingredients in the name of proprietary blends. Therefore, with PhenQ, you can know exactly what you’re getting, and in what amounts.

What’s more, all of the ingredients used in PhenQ have been proven to aid in weight loss in one way or another. None of them is a useless filler that does not contribute to your weight loss journey or general health.


  • Boosts fat burning in the body, leading to fast weight loss.
  • It inhibits the production of fat in the body, preventing weight gain.
  • It suppresses appetite and hunger cravings, making it easier for you to stick to your diet.
  • Boosts energy production in the body, making it easier for you to remain physically active.
  • It increases the rate of thermogenesis in the body.
  • Helps improve mood and motivation.
  • Aids in maintaining your new weight and prevents weight gain.
  • Uses all-natural ingredients with no synthetic fillers.
  • It’s vegetarian.
  • It’s backed by scientific research and clinical trials.
  • No prescription is required.
  • Manufactured at FDA approved facilities.
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Suitable for both men and women.


  • Not suitable for use by pregnant or lactating mothers.
  • It contains caffeine, which limits its usage to daytime hours when it cannot affect sleep quality.

Studies showed a higher reduction in body fat and overall shedding of body weight. It is also associated with an increase in muscle mass. 

PhenQ Ingredients

·        a-Lacys Reset

a-Lacys Reset is a branded ingredient that was formulated by combining alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. In the body, alpha-lipoic acid aids the breakdown of carbohydrates. It, therefore, plays a role in energy production.

It’s also an antioxidant, and supplementation with it can help with weight and BMI reduction. Cysteine is an amino acid that fights free radicals that are produced in the body due to intense physical exercise.

It’s also an important anti-aging ingredient. When these two ingredients are combined in a-Lacys Reset, they help decrease body fat and weight.

A group of people who used a-Lacys Reset as part of a clinical study lost 7.24% body fat, 3.44% weight, and gained 3.80% muscle mass, compared to others who did not use the ingredient.

·        Nopal

Nopal is one of the ingredients in PhenQ that suppress appetite. It’s a dietary fiber which, when consumed, makes you feel fuller for longer. It keeps you from overeating or craving for unhealthy fast foods.

It also binds to fat in the digestive tract and allows it to be excreted from the body through bowel movements. It reduces the rate of fat absorption in the body, keeping you from gaining weight.

Nopal also acts by preventing water retention, which contributes to body weight. Lastly, it contains amino acids that are useful for energy production in the body.

·        Chromium Picolinate

Through diet, you can get chromium picolinate from vegetables, whole grains, and meats. It’s useful for weight loss because it helps control blood sugar levels, which are directly involved with the rate of fat storage in the body.

With stable blood sugar, your cravings for sugary snacks and carbs will also decrease naturally. Chromium picolinate makes it possible for your cells to absorb glucose from food and use it as fuel, boosting your energy levels.

·        Caffeine

Caffeine boosts the breakdown of fats and heat production in the body. Both of these increase fat burning in the body, aiding in weight loss.

Fats are broken down into fatty acids, which are utilized in cellular energy production. Therefore, the caffeine in PhenQ energizes you and makes it easy to get through your exercise routines.

·        Capsimax Powder

Capsimax powder contains niacin, piperine, and capsicum. This combination is a potent fat burner that leads to significant weight loss when used regularly.

Capsicum and piperine promote heat production in the body, raising your body temperature and leading to more fat burning.

·        L-Carnitine Fumarate

It is a natural amino acid that supports the conversion of fat in the body to energy. It’s, therefore, one of the energy-boosting ingredients in PhenQ. It also promotes fat burning, leading to increased weight loss.

How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ works to aid in weight loss by:

  • Suppressing appetite.
  • Stopping fat production in the body.
  • Boosting fat burning.
  • Improving mood.
  • Boosting energy.

These five actions are essential for fast, effective, and lasting weight loss. By suppressing your appetite, PhenQ helps you to only eat as much food as your body needs.

You’ll not find yourself overeating or reaching for sugary snacks that contribute to rapid weight gain. PhenQ includes ingredients that help you feel fuller faster and for longer once you’ve eaten.

While curbing your hunger cravings, PhenQ also boosts the rate of fat metabolism in the body. This is whereby stored fats are burned to be used as fuel for energy. PhenQ does this by increasing thermogenesis, which is the process of heat production in the body.

With a faster fat burning rate, any stubborn deposits in your belly, waist, hips, and thighs will melt off. PhenQ also works by ensuring that you’re not adding any new weight as you lose the stored fat.

It does this by inhibiting the production of fat in the body by fat cells by burning these cells for energy. And that brings us to the next method in which PhenQ works, which is by boosting energy production in your body.

Through increased fat metabolism and the burning of fat cells, energy is produced in the body. Also, PhenQ promotes the growth of muscle mass when you use it alongside a regular exercise program.


Benefits of Using PhenQ

The following are the benefits of using PhenQ fat burning supplement:

·        Increased Fat Burning

PhenQ increases the rate of fat burning in the body. This is whereby fat stores in the body are used up to provide fuel for various bodily functions.

The higher the rate of fat burning, the faster your rate of weight loss. By using PhenQ consistently for at least two months, you’ll be able to lose most of the stubborn fat deposits in your body.

Your results will be more pronounced if you maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise while using these pills.

·        Reduced Appetite

Hunger and sugar cravings are two of the main factors that make it impossible for most people to stick to a diet that can help them lose weight. PhenQ solves this by suppressing your appetite.

When you begin taking this supplement, you’ll find that you don’t always feel hungry or reach for snacks often. You’ll be able to stay away from the sugary and fattening fast foods that only add fat stores to your body without providing enough nutrients or energy.

·        Enhanced Energy

PhenQ increases the rate of fat metabolism in the body, which leads to the production of energy. Using this supplement, you’ll feel more energized and find it easier to stick to your exercise routine.

·        Improved Mood

Once you begin using PhenQ, you’ll find that your mental focus has improved, and you’re more motivated to reach your weight loss goals. This supplement also enhances your mood.

Side Effects

Due to its 100% natural formula, you’ll not experience any side effects when using PhenQ. But this is as long as you ensure to use the recommended dosage.

Exceeding it might expose you to unpleasant side effects that’ll overshadow its benefits. You might feel jittery, nauseous, or develop a headache.

Two pills daily are enough to give you weight loss benefits because of PhenQ’s powerful and fast-acting formula.

Also, you should not use PhenQ alongside other stimulant substances such as coffee. This is because PhenQ is an energy booster that stimulates the nervous system.

Using it with other stimulating substances can lead to overstimulation of your nervous system and result in symptoms such as restlessness and poor sleep quality.

Who Should Refrain from PhenQ?

Pregnant and lactating mothers should refrain from using PhenQ. Individuals beneath the age of 18 should also not use this supplement.

If you’re using any type of medication, consult your doctor before taking PhenQ. This is because of possible drug interactions by some of the ingredients used.

The same applies if you have any pre-existing medical condition, whether you’re on medication or not. Your physician will let you know whether it’s safe to use PhenQ despite your condition.

Dosage & Tips to Start

The recommended dosage for PhenQ is two pills each day. Take one in the morning with breakfast and the second with lunch.

Ensure that you take your second pill before 3 pm. This is because PhenQ contains caffeine and other energy-boosting ingredients that can interfere with your sleep when taken late in the day.

Avoid exceeding the recommended dosage. Two pills a day are enough to boost fat burning and weight loss in your body at a healthy rate with no side effects.

Also, taking more pills than advised can leave you feeling jittery due to an overdose of caffeine and the other energy boosters.

Make sure to use this supplement daily for the first two months in order to achieve all the benefits optimally. Keep using the supplement until you reach your weight loss goals.

The more weight that you have to lose, the longer you’ll need to use PhenQ. It is a safe supplement to use daily, so don’t worry about how long you keep using it.

Even after reaching your weight loss goals, you can continue using the pills in order to maintain your new weight. Continued use will also help you maintain your diet and exercise routines.

When using PhenQ, you should refrain from taking coffee or other caffeinated beverages. This is because PhenQ contains caffeine and using it alongside other stimulants can cause unpleasant effects.


Where to Buy PhenQ and Guarantees?

You can buy PhenQ here, on the official website. By making your purchase here, you’ll benefit from attractive price discounts and free bonuses.

A single bottle of the product goes for $69.95, which is a discounted price. If you buy two bottles, you’ll pay $139.90. You’ll also receive a free bottle, which means you’ll get 3 PhenQ bottles for the price of two.

Get the best value for your money by buying 3 bottles at only $189.95. You’ll get 2 free PhenQ bottles and a bonus bottle of Advana Cleanse.

When you purchase PhenQ, you qualify for a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t see any positive effects within the first two months of using the supplement, you can contact the manufacturer to get a refund of your purchase price.

You’ll have to return the empty bottles that you’ve already used up, and any extra ones that you haven’t opened yet. Note that the refund will not include shipping costs that you incurred during your purchase.

The manufacturer gives you a 67-day window to claim a refund, taking into account the week that it’ll take you to ship the bottles back. You’ll therefore have a full two months to decide whether PhenQ is working for you or not.

If you don’t notice your energy levels improving, your hunger decreasing, or the pounds shedding off your body, contact customer service for further instructions.

PhenQ Reviews: Conclusion


You’d be hard-pressed to find another fat burner in the market that works as well as PhenQ. It’s not only effective but also several times more powerful than most weight loss supplements.

If you’ve been struggling with hunger cravings or little weight loss results from your diet and exercise regimen, we believe that PhenQ can work for you.

Consider using this fat burner if you want a natural, effective weight loss supplement that you can use daily without developing any side effects. The 60-day money-back guarantee protects you from any losses since you can get your money back if the product doesn’t work.

For the best results, when using PhenQ, continue your healthy diet and exercise routine. This way, you’ll be able to lose more weight and keep from regaining it.


Is it PhenQ a legitimate supplement??

Yes, it is a globally well-received weight loss supplement. It is researched and manufactured by the renowned Wolfson Berg Limited. The company assures the use of 100% effective ingredients only.

Can it be bought without a prescription??

Yes, PhenQ is made of ingredients that are naturally extracted. It poses no health hazards. Therefore no medical prescription or recommendation is required to purchase it.

Why is it called a 5 in 1 pill?

It serves five specific purposes. It burns fat, stops further fat deposits in the body, acts as an appetite suppressant, an energy booster, and lastly, as a mood enhancer.

What is PhenQ used for?

People use it as a weight-loss supplement. It is preferred for its natural and safe ingredients compared to other diet pills.

Can I consume PhenQ in the second half of the day?

Due to the caffeine presence in PhenQ, its intake is recommended before 3 pm. Taking it at night can disturb your sleep.

Is PhenQ vegetarian and vegan friendly?

Yes, PhenQ uses only natural components and is completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Is PhenQ produced in approved facilities?

It is manufactured in FDA and GMP approved production facilities, in the USA and the UK respectively. This indicates that these facilities meet the requirements needed to adhere to the production of diet pills.

How long can I continue taking PhenQ?

There is no specific restriction on the duration of continuous use of PhenQ. Most users get satisfactory results in around three months. It is a natural product and has no side effects. Therefore no limit has been set on prolonged use. Once you achieve the desired weight loss, you can consider closing the PhenQ cycle

Can I buy PhenQ from any online or physical store?

The makers of PhenQ recommend its purchase only through the official website The chances of being scammed or of counterfeit products is eliminated by using the official channel

Can I receive the product discreetly?

Yes, the product is packed and labelled discreetly, keeping your privacy in mind.

Is there any shipping costs?

PhenQ is shipped worldwide at no additional shipping cost.

How much time does it take to ship PhenQ?

Their website promises next day delivery within the UK. For offshore locations, the exact time will depend on the distance between the storehouse and the final destination, but it generally ranges between 2-14 days.

How is the payment made?

Payments can be made using your American Express, Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards. Skrill payments are accepted and PhenQ can also be purchased using your Amazon wallet.

Do they have a refund policy?

Yes. They allow a 67 days window to return up to two opened bottles and any unopened bottles. The entire purchase price is refunded back to you, after excluding the shipping cost.

What are its side effects?

In the absence of artificial ingredients, PhenQ doesn’t pose any serious side effects. There is a small proportion of caffeine which can affect nausea and minor stomach ailments. People with specific allergies may experience discomfort using PhenQ.

Who cannot/shouldn’t use PhenQ?

It is not recommended for people under the age of 18. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid it. PhenQ is not recommended for people with medical conditions such as diabetes and cancer. People undergoing liver and kidney therapy and antidepressants should not use PhenQ. For details refer the ‘How to use’ section.

How quickly does PhenQ work?

PhenQ is a natural and safe product. Therefore, it works gradually unlike ‘faster’ supplements that often leave harmful after-effects. A user of PhenQ can expect noticeable results in two months. And users have reported losing excess weight within three months.

Why should I prefer PhenQ over other slimming supplements?

PhenQ doesn’t use any artificial or synthetic components. Safety is an important advantage of PhenQ. It also promises to resolve multiple weight and health problems in one go. Thus it is more than a regular slimming supplement. You get a wholesome and well-rounded approach to weight control with PhenQ.

Are there any offers or discounts?

Yes. There are discounts even on the purchase of a single bottle of PhenQ. Offers are available on purchase of multiple bottles. If you purchase two bottles, you get one bottle free. On purchase of three bottles, two bottles are given free of cost. Additional gifts include training and nutrition guides and PhenQ newsletter.

How to get the best of PhenQ?

University of Washington School of Medicine found that higher protein intake while using PhenQ can show better results. It suppresses appetite, and for this purpose, you should also increase fiber and water intake. Along with it, the exercise of around 30 minutes or more will bring in better results out of PhenQ.

What are the other health benefits of PhenQ?

Apart from the weight control and loss benefits, there are other benefits of PhenQ. Appetite suppression can also address silent illnesses like poor metabolism, anxiety and depression. Besides, PhenQ has mood-enhancing properties. Thus, it can also add to the wellbeing of the user’s mental health.

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