PhenQ Review: Is it Effective for weight loss?


PhenQ is a dietary supplement that addresses fat burning and weight loss. It is manufactured by New York-based Wolfson BergLimited. They claim it to be an all in one product with superior and faster results. It contains calcium carbonate to ensure a healthy body weight. The caffeine in it enhances the production of body heat.

The L-carnitine amino acid turns fatty acid into energy. It also contains the patented a-Lacys Reset, an anti-oxidizing alpha-lipoic acid. It also contains extracts and minerals that burns fat and suppresses appetite.

PhenQ has reportedly met the needs of over 1,90,000 customers in just a few years. Its USP is the ability to pack the power of multiple weight loss solutions in one pill. Apart from weight loss and fat burning, it increases energy and elevates the general well-being.

phenq review

PhenQ: Is it Legit?

The manufacturer has taken several steps to establish the authenticity of PhenQ. Its credible customer base is backed by user testimonials on the product’s official website. The product contains a patented composition. It is produced in the US and the UK based facilities. These are approved by the GMP and the FDA. 

The product also boasts of the use of a trademarked formula that furthers its credibility. PhenQ offers a 60 days money-back guarantee to provide complete assurance to its customers. It is also transparent regarding when not to use the product. All this adds to the genuineness of the product.

Lab Tests and Results

For Care Education and Research (FCER) nutritionists had conducted clinical studies on PhenQ. In their studies, the component a-Lacys Reset was found to be the active ingredient in PhenQ. It is responsible for the better efficacy of PhenQ. 

Studies showed a higher reduction in body fat and overall shedding of body weight. It is also associated with an increase in muscle mass. 


PhenQ is available in bottles of 60 pills. Your purchase of PhenQ may be eligible for various offers and discounts, like buy two get one free. Long term users can also opt for a ‘buy three get two free’ offer. Ten free bonus guides can be downloaded after any PhenQ purchase. 

PhenQ can be ordered online and is shipped worldwide free of cost. PhenQ is stored in warehouses in the USA, the UK and Germany. The orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours. PhenQ’s official website accepts all leading cards and Skrill payment. 

Return Policy

PhenQ seeks to reduce your risk by offering an attractive return policy. Their 60-day money-back guarantee lets you buy with complete confidence. You can return up to two empty bottles of PhenQ within 67 days of receiving the order. Any additional unopened bottles can also be returned along with it. PhenQ promises to return the entire purchase price against the return, excluding the shipping charge. 


PhenQ claims to be five times as effective as any other weight loss product. It uses patented ingredient a-Lacys Reset which is scientifically proven to be highly effective. It is manufactured in government-approved facilities in the USA and the UK. Its risk-free return policy further incentivizes users to try it out. 

It uses natural ingredients of optimum quality. It includes natural extracts from capsicum, black pepper and nopal cactus. Components like L-Carnitine and Chromium are also found in edibles like meat, vegetable, wholegrain and nuts. 

There is little to no use of chemical ingredients in the product. It can be purchased without any prescription. It is widely considered a safe product with no serious adverse effect. The testimony of existing customers further verifies its safety and effectiveness. It is highly effective against energy levels and metabolism. It can ease the existing weight-related health conditions among overweight and obese users.

PhenQ Ingredients

α-Lacys RESET is the trademark formula used in PhenQ. It further contains two components alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. Its primary function is to break down carbohydrates and produce energy. It speeds up the metabolism in the body which consequently increases the body’s thermogenesis. Faster metabolism leads to faster burning of calories. The fat burning process accelerates as a result.

Besides, faster metabolism leads to a consequent increase in body temperature as a thermogenesis process. The basal metabolism rate in the body increases as the body tries to restore average body temperature. This phenomenon also helps our body to burn fat. α-Lacys RESET also acts as an antioxidant because it is a highly effective detoxifying agent.

Calcium Carbonate facilitates an increase in the fecal outflow of fat particles. With additional fat elimination, the weight loss process becomes easier. Calcium carbonate, of course, also contributes to bone strength and makes the muscles energetic. 

Capsimax powder is another PhenQ component that aids the fat-burning process. It releases piperine, which is a thermogenic agent. Piperine is an effective lipid-lowering agent.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that reduces oxidative stress in the human body and is beneficial in avoiding ailments like heart failure and angina. It can also break down fat cells.

Caffeine is universally recognized as an appetite suppressant. Therefore, it is used in most weight loss supplements. Being a central nervous system stimulant, it will keep the energy up even if you score low in calorie intake.

Chromium Picolinate
takes care of any possible overeating. Its presence in the PhenQ makes sure that you don’t crave for unhealthy food. It triggers a feeling of fullness to the brain, thus eliminating unnecessary carbohydrate intake.

Nopal enriches the body with fiber, thus further reducing the possibility of excessive food intake. It is obtained from the extracts of the cactus plant. Thus it is a natural way of reducing appetite.


Some of the known benefits of PhenQ are,

• It aids thermogenesis which is an increase in body temperature leading to the burning of fat.

• It fastens the metabolism rate of the body

• It prevents fat deposit in the body and weight gain by decreasing fat production

• It controls appetite and curbs the craving for unhealthy food

• It helps you to slim without fatigue, therefore increasing your energy levels.

• PhenQ also has a positive impact on the user’s mood, thereby eliminating psychological ailments.

Side Effects

There are no commonly known serious side effects of PhenQ. However, some users may have experienced the following,

• Having it in the latter part of the day or at night can cause restlessness in sleep

• The chromium in it can alter the blood sugar levels

• People who are on diabetic medications may experience interference with PhenQ

• It doesn’t suit pregnant women, lactating mothers and anyone below the age of 18

• Nausea

• Headache

• Diarrhea 

PhenQ Review: My Own Experience

I am the mother of a 4-year-old. My post-pregnancy years were entirely dedicated to raising my child. This left me with little time for myself. My body shape took the toll in no time. I was a good 15 kilo heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. Around this time I decided to bring back my previous slimmer self.

I purchased two bottles of PhenQ and started using it every day. Although I noticed changes within a week, weight loss does take time. However, in a few months, I was happy with the weight loss results. You must note that you cannot lose weight in the snap of a finger. It is not healthy to do so as well.

Almost within a week of using, I noticed changes in my food habits. I was able to curb my temptation and limit my food intake. The fatigue of household chores started to bother me less. Accordingly, my spirits were high and my lifestyle became healthier. I had more energy to see through the day. Soon I lost weight and reached the desired level.

Also helpful were the guidebooks that PhenQ provided free after my purchase. These helped me in leading a better lifestyle. PhenQ also regularly updated me with useful tips and advice through email.

How to use PhenQ?

The recommended dosage of PhenQ is one pill with breakfast and one with lunch. No more dose is required in a day. The caffeine and other ingredients will increase your energy levels. Therefore, a dose later in the day can interfere with your sleep. It can be taken by men as well as women. It is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly product.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, now is not the right time for using PhenQ. We would also advise young people below the age of 18 to avoid its use. You can try exercise or other non-medicinal ways of losing weight for now. Prior medical advice is recommended for people who are using any regular medicine. This will avoid any possible interference with those medicines.

PhenQ: Would I recommend it?

phenq review

Obesity and the resulting medical complications are dominating today’s medical world. For anyone on the higher side of the weight scale, losing weight is almost a prerequisite to good health. A trusted weight loss product is a natural fit in such cases.

PhenQ is produced in approved facilities. It is transparent about its contents. It uses its own patented ingredient. It is known to be highly effective. No serious side-effects have been reported by any PhenQ user. They also offer a very favorable return policy.  Considering all this, PhenQ can be used as a safe and effective weight loss option.


Is it PhenQ a legitimate supplement??

Yes, it is a globally well-received weight loss supplement. It is researched and manufactured by the renowned Wolfson Berg Limited. The company assures the use of 100% effective ingredients only.

Can it be bought without a prescription??

Yes, PhenQ is made of ingredients that are naturally extracted. It poses no health hazards. Therefore no medical prescription or recommendation is required to purchase it.

Why is it called a 5 in 1 pill?

It serves five specific purposes. It burns fat, stops further fat deposits in the body, acts as an appetite suppressant, an energy booster, and lastly, as a mood enhancer.

What is PhenQ used for?

People use it as a weight-loss supplement. It is preferred for its natural and safe ingredients compared to other diet pills.

Can I consume PhenQ in the second half of the day?

Due to the caffeine presence in PhenQ, its intake is recommended before 3 pm. Taking it at night can disturb your sleep.

Is PhenQ vegetarian and vegan friendly?

Yes, PhenQ uses only natural components and is completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Is PhenQ produced in approved facilities?

It is manufactured in FDA and GMP approved production facilities, in the USA and the UK respectively. This indicates that these facilities meet the requirements needed to adhere to the production of diet pills.

How long can I continue taking PhenQ?

There is no specific restriction on the duration of continuous use of PhenQ. Most users get satisfactory results in around three months. It is a natural product and has no side effects. Therefore no limit has been set on prolonged use. Once you achieve the desired weight loss, you can consider closing the PhenQ cycle

Can I buy PhenQ from any online or physical store?

The makers of PhenQ recommend its purchase only through the official website The chances of being scammed or of counterfeit products is eliminated by using the official channel

Can I receive the product discreetly?

Yes, the product is packed and labelled discreetly, keeping your privacy in mind.

Is there any shipping costs?

PhenQ is shipped worldwide at no additional shipping cost.

How much time does it take to ship PhenQ?

Their website promises next day delivery within the UK. For offshore locations, the exact time will depend on the distance between the storehouse and the final destination, but it generally ranges between 2-14 days.

How is the payment made?

Payments can be made using your American Express, Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards. Skrill payments are accepted and PhenQ can also be purchased using your Amazon wallet.

Do they have a refund policy?

Yes. They allow a 67 days window to return up to two opened bottles and any unopened bottles. The entire purchase price is refunded back to you, after excluding the shipping cost.

What are its side effects?

In the absence of artificial ingredients, PhenQ doesn’t pose any serious side effects. There is a small proportion of caffeine which can affect nausea and minor stomach ailments. People with specific allergies may experience discomfort using PhenQ.

Who cannot/shouldn’t use PhenQ?

It is not recommended for people under the age of 18. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid it. PhenQ is not recommended for people with medical conditions such as diabetes and cancer. People undergoing liver and kidney therapy and antidepressants should not use PhenQ. For details refer the ‘How to use’ section.

How quickly does PhenQ work?

PhenQ is a natural and safe product. Therefore, it works gradually unlike ‘faster’ supplements that often leave harmful after-effects. A user of PhenQ can expect noticeable results in two months. And users have reported losing excess weight within three months.

Why should I prefer PhenQ over other slimming supplements?

PhenQ doesn’t use any artificial or synthetic components. Safety is an important advantage of PhenQ. It also promises to resolve multiple weight and health problems in one go. Thus it is more than a regular slimming supplement. You get a wholesome and well-rounded approach to weight control with PhenQ.

Are there any offers or discounts?

Yes. There are discounts even on the purchase of a single bottle of PhenQ. Offers are available on purchase of multiple bottles. If you purchase two bottles, you get one bottle free. On purchase of three bottles, two bottles are given free of cost. Additional gifts include training and nutrition guides and PhenQ newsletter.

How to get the best of PhenQ?

University of Washington School of Medicine found that higher protein intake while using PhenQ can show better results. It suppresses appetite, and for this purpose, you should also increase fiber and water intake. Along with it, the exercise of around 30 minutes or more will bring in better results out of PhenQ.

What are the other health benefits of PhenQ?

Apart from the weight control and loss benefits, there are other benefits of PhenQ. Appetite suppression can also address silent illnesses like poor metabolism, anxiety and depression. Besides, PhenQ has mood-enhancing properties. Thus, it can also add to the wellbeing of the user’s mental health.