At PHASE IV, Inc. I work with healthcare organizations (hospitals, outpatient clinics, outpatient rehabilitation facilities and assisted living centers) to help them, not only manage change, but thrive because of it.

  • Is your healthcare organization foundering on the rocks of culture change due to a recent merger or acquisition?
  • Is it struggling to adapt to new technology?
  • Is it wavering to adopt new healthcare regulations, most notably the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

If this is the case, I can help.

Through my activities your organization will benefit by increased efficiency and productivity that will result in reduced operating expenses and an increase in profit.  By instituting a program that will redesign and enhance your work processes, create a forum for best practices, and improve communication and collaboration system-wide, your organization will become more effective and productive.

If you want to move your organization forward, I would be delighted to help you do so.

I may be reached at 412-341-2400.

—Jim Domino

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