Personal Injury: Make Them Pay

Updated on March 25, 2019

Have you ever been hurt because someone else was careless? Have you ever been hurt intentionally? If so, know that there are legal methods to make your aggressors pay (quite literally) for what they did. You just need to find the law firm with the right attorney to help you! The lawyer you are looking for is someone who specializes in personal injury law (also known as tort law). This should not be a daunting task because all lawyers would have studied this their torts class back in law school!

However, what exactly would count as personal injury? For example, if you slip and fall down your apartment’s slippery staircase, would that count as personal injury? Or just plain clumsiness? What if you were busy playing video games on your desktop and the pc catches fire? Can that be considered personal injury because of the negligence in the pc production? Or are you just unlucky? We compiled a few cases that can help you clear that up a little bit:

1. Car accidents

Let’s say you’re walking down the busy streets of Kent, Washington and you get hit while crossing a pedestrian lane. You later find out that the driver was texting and therefore did not see you. This is valid enough for you to file a case against him. Now, this might just be one situation, but there are a dozen others. So long as the person you are filing a case against was not following the rules or was being reckless.

There can be multiple claims in these cases, you can have their insurance company pay for the damage on your car (if you were in one when the incident occurred) or you can have the person pay for your injuries upon assessment at a clinical facility.

Before doing so, always consult an attorney first. These situations can be tricky and turned against your favor if you move too hastily.

2. Defamation

Surprise! Not all personal injury cases are physically caused. Libel and slander can also be grounds to file this type of case. These acts can cause serious injury to someone’s (must be an individual. Defamation against a company is filed under corporate law) reputation.

This case can be particularly tricky because of the nature in which it is dealt with. First of all, it deals with words. If it was said orally, there needs to be a recorded proof of it, and if it was written, there has to be a physical copy of that as well. There is also the matter of weighing in the financial amount that was lost because of the said defamation.

Public figures have it harder since they need evidence that the act was done out of malice – this implies that the act was intentionally done, but a blatant disregard for the truth can also be grounds for filing a personal injury case.

3. Medical Malpractice

As perfect as a doctor may seem to be with his years of practice, he is still bound to making human error. However, this is something that he could not afford. His mistake cannot be caused by negligence. This can include being under the influence of alcohol on the job, not following protocols, etc.

There could be a lot more; you just need to have good judgment and logic that won’t be clouded by emotion.

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