Pepper Hamilton Webinar: Renewable Energy for Hospitals and Health Care Providers: Solar, Wind and Cogeneration

Updated on April 9, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011
Noon – 1:30 PM Eastern
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The U.S. government is promoting renewable energy development with loan guarantee programs, U.S. Treasury grants, and tax breaks, and many states have adopted additional economic measures. This has spurred many hospitals and health care institutions throughout the U.S. to explore on-site renewable energy options, either for existing facilities or for facilities being renovated or replaced.

But the hodgepodge nature of these government programs – authorized by different pieces of legislation, administered under an array of regulatory regimes, subject to varying requirements and deadlines – presents a serious challenge to those interested in obtaining financial assistance for renewable energy projects. These renewable energy transactions frequently involve a power purchase agreement (PPA), with the end user of the electric power agreeing to purchase the output from an on-site power system. PPAs raise a host of complex issues.

So, while renewable energy projects can offer substantial benefits to hospitals and health care systems, such projects should be carefully evaluated and structured. In this informative presentation for hospitals and health care systems considering solar, wind or cogeneration, Pepper Hamilton LLP attorneys will discuss:

  • risks and benefits of solar, wind and cogeneration strategies
  • the basics of a PPA and options available, including fixed-price purchase agreements, fixed-price contracts with inflation-based escalators, and variable-price agreements
  • land leases and other core agreements
  • the complex web of economic incentive programs for renewable energy projects
  • tax incentives and other sources of public funding, which can be the difference in the success of a project.

This webinar also will provide guidance on how non-profit organizations and for-profit entities can exploit the programs now available.


Henry C. Fader, Partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP

Marc D. Machlin, Partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Todd B. Reinstein, Partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Mark A. Solomon , Partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP

There is no fee to participate in this webinar.

Questions? Please contact Kristen Clark at 412.454.5049 or [email protected].

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