Part-time jobs for healthcare students

Updated on November 28, 2020

If you are a medical student, making money during your free time can help you meet your financial needs. Finding a job that is in line with your training helps you to put into practice the knowledge you have acquired. Opportunities such as Shadowing a doctor also give you relevant skills and experience, which are critical in growing your career. 

So, if you’re a healthcare student who is looking for a part-time job, the following can be the perfect opportunities for you, offering you both a much-needed income and real-world experience that will help you with your career goals.

Work as an aide in a healthcare institution

It is not unusual for healthcare institutions to struggle with inadequate workers. Doctors and nurses can use the help of medical students to administer non-critical services to patients. This frees the experts and enables them to attend to more patients. 

You can also help out in clinics as you will have a direct impact on people with issues such as drug or alcohol abuse through your expertise. Alternatively, you can direct them to established institutions such as Harris House that focus on rehabilitating people struggling with drug addiction. People attending such an institute will benefit from:

• Getting the support, they need while detoxing

• Partial hospitalization program

• Supportive outpatient program

• Multiple-level transition period

Working hands-on in these healthcare institutions is a great way to get valuable real-world experience that your medical books just won’t give you. When you’re studying in school, it’s easy to get caught up in the academics, but here’s a chance to watch doctors and nurses in action providing real services to patients.

At the same time, this is a good opportunity to start working on your bedside manner, if you will. You’ll be interacting with patients, which will allow you to learn how to build a rapport, communicate effectively, and really listen to what the patients are telling you. Again, these are all skills that a textbook can’t necessarily teach you, but will be critical if you have plans of working with patients directly. Think of this part-time job as a head start on building your necessary workplace skills.

Get paid to write healthcare content

There is an increasing demand for healthcare content from credible professionals. Unfortunately, most healthcare professionals are already swamped with work. Healthcare students have the unique opportunity to write healthcare content for money. This is because they have the know-how that most writers don’t. They can also afford some free time, which most doctors, nurses and caregivers may not get. Here are several ways they can achieve this:

1. Becoming a freelance medical content writer

2. Starting and monetizing a medical blog

3. Helping other professions to write medical journals and publications

4. Transcribing medical content

At the same time, all of this healthcare content gives you the opportunity to become more familiar with healthcare terminology. Everyone knows that repetition is the key to learning new information, so this is your opportunity to hammer home everything you are learning in school.

In terms of a medical blog, this is ideal if you want to start to create a name for yourself. Maybe you want to specialize in a particular niche. If so, a blog can give you that opportunity. You can even provide guest blog content for other websites once you create a following.

Make money tutoring students

To make it to medical schools, students must have a good understanding of science and mathematics subjects. These are the subjects most students in high school struggle with. For this reason, there are lots of students looking for tutors. With an excellent marketing strategy, you can land a good tutoring job. Some of the outlets you can use to reach your students include social media, community centers and local schools.

It helps if you have a connection with your former school, although it will depend on how close it is to your med school. The good news is that you can use online platforms and offer tutoring services from anywhere. All you need is to have a good understanding of the subject and the ability to deliver it to your students in a way that they can understand.

If you’d rather not have to search for clients/students on your own, you can always work for a tutoring company. You don’t have to work full-time, and you can decide how many students and hours of tutoring you can handle in a week. The tutoring company will simply assign you a student, so it takes the responsibility off your shoulders. Keep in mind you likely won’t make as much money working for a tutoring service, but it can still be extremely worthwhile.

Turn a hobby into a part-time job

There’s also the fact that you don’t have to stick with medical-related jobs. For many people, the best solution is to turn a hobby or passion into a part-time job. For example, maybe you’re really good at arts and crafts, baking, or you enjoy walking dogs, etc. Each of these can be turned into a part-time gig so that you can start making money. 

While they aren’t going to add to your hands-on medical experience, it will help you in terms of people skills and communication skills, which will be useful in your chosen career.

Keep in mind that this route is going to take more effort on your part as it’s going to be up to you to advertise/market your business, find clients and customers, and keep that steady flow of income coming in. There are just more variables and risks with this option.


Can medical students get paid for providing healthcare services?

Yes. Medical students are some of the bright learners in the world. They can provide much-needed help to doctors and nurses in understaffed healthcare facilities. They can also work as technicians with emergency response units. These institutions pay them for their services.

Are there institutions willing to hire healthcare students?

Yes. Hospitals and healthcare professionals can use the help of medical students to provide critical care to patients. In most cases, these institutions lack adequate manpower to serve their clients. On the other hand, medical students come in handy with their wealth of knowledge in healthcare.

How much do medical students get paid?

It depends on the work they do and the institution they work for. However, since they are not working as qualified professionals, they earn much less compared to accredited healthcare givers. The money they earn from part-time jobs comes in handy to meet their upkeep needs.

So, if you’re a medical healthcare student who is looking for a way to make a little money while going to school, these are some great ways to do just that.

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