Over 30 Hormone Solution Review: Is It Safe?

Updated on August 21, 2020

Weight loss is difficult at any age, but as we get older, it becomes a lot more difficult. This is no secret – it’s something millions of women around the world have talked about openly. 

They wish there were a solution catered to them, to help them achieve their goals. After all, looking good and feeling your best shouldn’t just be reserved for women in their twenties, should it?

Well, we’ve decided to go ahead and try to help you achieve the weight loss goals you’re craving. Today, we’re going over the over 30 Hormone Solution, the new supplement with a specific target audience. 

Who Should Use the Over Thirty Hormone Solution? 

The target demographic is really in the name of this handy supplement. This supplement is designed to be used by women over the age of thirty who have been struggling with their weight loss goals recently. 

As we get older, our lives get busier. By the age of thirty, many of you may have careers or families that take up a lot of time, and lots of you will probably have both! 

With your schedule so busy and hectic, maintaining that steady, healthy weight loss that you want can be really difficult, and you may even be starting to believe it’s impossible. 

Even if you can find time to eat a healthy diet and exercise frequently, as we get older, our hormone production will shift, and our metabolism will slow. 

That’s why it’s harder to lose weight the older we get, but unfortunately, it’s much easier for us to put on those unwanted pounds!

An Overview of the Over 30 Hormone Solution 

The Over 30 Hormone Solution is the brainchild of Debbie Anderson, a nutritionist known for helping thousands of women of all ages reach their goal weights and shed those unwanted extra pounds. 

A woman who describes herself as being well over thirty on her website, Debbie understands the struggle many women go through as they age. 

She noted that it was unfair that women had to struggle through this while men didn’t tend to have the same issue. That’s why she created this Hormone Solution to help women achieve their goals. She knows that women want to stay slim, fit, and healthy long after they hit thirty!

Pro & Cons of the Over 30 Hormone Solution

Of course, before you buy something as serious as a weight loss supplement, you need to know that you’re buying something legitimate that will be good for you. That’s why we’ve got a handy list to help you weigh up the benefits and disadvantages.


  • Generous money-back guarantee
  • An all-natural product
  • Relies on science to help boost your metabolism 
  • FDA approved 


  • Only available from their official website
  • It only works for women.

Over 30 Hormone Solution Ingredients 

One of the best ways to tell if a weight loss supplement is going to work for you is to look at the ingredient list. After all, those are the key to the ‘magic’ of weight loss! 

So, let’s examine the ingredients of Debbie Anderson’s weight loss supplement to help you decide whether this product is the right one to help you achieve your goals.

  • Black Cohosh (160mg)
    • It is an all-natural ingredient that helps to limit weight gain 
    • While there is only a small amount of evidence to support this, more evidence is being conducted 
    • Studies have shown that those who supplement with this gain less weight than control groups
  • Blessed Thistle herb powder (50mg)
    • Blessed thistle has a long history of being used to treat digestion issues 
    • This powerful plant can help to deal with bloating, which is a common problem for many women 
    • It can also help to aid digestion – moving everything alone quickly to help keep you healthy!
  • Chasteberry extract (50mg)
    • Chasteberry has some interesting uses as a herbal medicine!
    • It has been used to treat many things, with some believing it may help infertility.
    • It has also been used to help treat PMS symptoms – you might be wondering why this would help your weight loss? 
    • Well, with your hormones fluctuating so much during PMS, many women find themselves with cravings that they struggle to deny 
    • Giving in to these cravings can lead to snacking on calorie-dense foods that can lead to unfortunate weight gain.
    • When your hormone levels don’t fluctuate as much, you are less likely to enter this cycle of eating loads of snacks and gaining weight!
  • Dong Quai extract (150mg)
    • While there isn’t a whole lot of scientific research to back this up, it’s been thought for many years that Dong Quai can have significant effects on women.  
    • It has actually been called Female Ginseng for its benefits!
    • It’s been thought to help stimulate the production of Oestrogen in our bodies.
    • It is beneficial, especially for women who are entering menopause, who have much lower levels of Oestrogen than younger women
  • Liquorice extract (150mg)
    • While liquorice extract alone won’t help you shed that unwanted weight, it can boost any weight loss you’re already experiencing
    • Alongside a healthy diet, liquorice extract can be shown to increase the amount of weight loss, when compared to people who just ate a healthy diet
  • Mexican Wild Yam Extract (15mg)
    • More testing still needs to be done on all of the possible benefits of Wild Yam for overall female health, but it’s thought that there can be some benefits for women experiencing PMS or Menopause
    • Wild Yam has been used as a natural alternative to Oestrogen therapy replacement for older women, meaning it may help to regulate your Oestrogen levels!
  • Red Clover extract (400mg)
    • Another well-known supplement for women, red clover extract is thought to help balance hormonal levels, reducing the effects of menopausal symptoms. 
  • Sage extract (200mg)
    • Loaded with antioxidants that help the body’s natural detoxification process, sage is a very useful ingredient to help regulate our bodies
    • Sage has been shown to help cholesterol levels, which can be a particular concern for some women over the age of 30
  • Trans-Resveratrol extract (1mg)
    • It is a powerful ingredient with many benefits for your overall health. It’s thought to help protect your heart, and possible have anti-cancer properties
    • However, you should be wary of taking this in high doses, as its effects are not yet fully understood

How Does the Over 30 Hormone Solution Work? 

With that impressive list of all-natural ingredients at their disposal, you may be finding yourself wondering how all of these fits together to deliver your goals. That’s why we’ve broken down the Over 30 Hormone Solution into the three main areas of focus. 

These are the two areas that the Over 30 Hormone Solution targets, to give you the best results possible:

  • Hormonal Improvement

Many of the ingredients found in the Hormone Solution are used to help regulate your oestrogen levels and stimulate the production of Oestrogen. When your hormones fluctuate, as they tend to do when you get older, it can have a lot of effects on your body. 

Many women who go through PMS or menopause experience weight gain, for a variety of different reasons. One of these reasons is the fluctuation in hormone levels, which can cause us to crave calorie-dense foods than can lead us to gain weight very quickly and struggle to lose it.  

One of the other reasons many women in this age bracket find themselves gaining weight is due to a decreased metabolism, which is the second aspect that the Over 30 Hormone Solution tackles. 

  • Increased Metabolic Rate 

As we age, our metabolism slows down. It happens to almost everyone, and it’s the reason why we have to be more careful about what we eat when we age. 

The beauty of this supplement is in the ingredients that help boost your metabolic rate. It means you burn through calories faster, making you more likely to end up in that caloric deficit you need to lose weight!

Benefits of Using the Over 30 Hormone Solution  

With a whole world of weight loss supplements, diet shakes, and lifestyle plans at your fingertips right now, it can be a big confusing world to step into. 

How are you supposed to know which product to choose? So many products promise big things, and it can get confusing and overwhelming to try and navigate them. 

To help you out, we’ve broken down the Over 30 Hormone Solution into its main benefits to you, the customer. 

  • It’s All-Natural

Debbie designed this product to be the ultimate all-natural way of losing weight. The formula for this supplement is derived from all-natural sources, meaning you’ll look and feel your best in a perfectly natural way!

The best part of using all-natural products is the history they have, which helps you to know they’re safe. People have been using the ingredients in this product for thousands of years as herbal remedies. Research testing doesn’t get more in-depth than that! 

  • It’s Relatively Easy and Cheap to Buy

For anyone with internet access, this is an easy product to find. All you have to do is go on the website to order, and it’ll arrive at your doorstep! 

And while the price of this handy supplement may be a little steep for some, there is an offer on the website when you buy in bulk. 

You can begin seeing savings after just buying two bottles of pills at the same time, but the savings just carry on! When you purchase six-bottle at once, you end up saving almost 50% per bottle!

Possible Side Effects of Using the Over 30 Hormone Solution

Due to the all-natural ingredients, there are no serious side effects thought to come from using this supplement. Due to the fact that it is made of herbal ingredients that have a long history of use, there are no seriously damaging effects that customers can experience. 

We have included a list of the ingredients above. If you think you might be allergic to any of those ingredients, please refrain from using this.

 If you’re on any long-term medication that you think might end up interfering with this product and causing serious side effects, talk to your doctor before using this. 

While there are no known serious side effects to using the over 30 Hormone Solution, there are some side effects associated with taking any kind of weight loss pill or diet supplement, which we’ve listed below: 

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Tension in the limbs
  • Irritability

If you’re at all concerned about these side effects, talk to your doctor. If you start experiencing any of these side effects after using this supplement, you should stop using it straight away and talk to a medical professional.

Who Should Refrain from the Over 30 Hormone Solution?  

While the Over 30 Hormone Solution is generally safe for use for most people, there are a few groups of people that should be careful when taking weight loss supplements. 

If you are someone who has an underlying health condition or is currently taking any kind of prescription medication, you should be careful when taking any kind of weight loss supplement or pill. 

Before you start taking this supplement, you should bring the ingredient list to your doctor in order to make sure you aren’t at risk of any complications from using this.

The following groups of people should not use the over 30 Hormone Solution: 

  • Anyone suffering from hormone imbalances
  • Anyone currently on hormone supplementation 
  • Anyone under the age of eighteen
  • Anyone who is breastfeeding or currently pregnant

Anyone who has a history of eating disorders or disordered eating should not take this or any other weight loss supplement or diet pill. If you are considering taking a diet pill but have a history of eating disorders, please contact your doctor. 

Dosage & Tips to Start Using

Weight loss has never been so simple. Seriously, we can’t overstate how simple this supplement is. All you need to do is take one handy capsule with a glass of water, and you’re set for the day. 

This handy, helpful little pill fits right into your schedule. We know you’re busy enough as it is, so why would you want to complicate your life even more with your weight loss? 

The best part is that this weight loss supplement doesn’t interfere with other health supplements you can take to really boost that weight loss and achieve your goals. 

While weight loss is mainly achieved in the kitchen, you can only perfect your figure and truly get your dream body in the gym.

To really achieve the best body, you can at any age, we recommend working out regularly. For those of you who want a slight boost to have the best performance possible, we’d recommend taking the Over 30 Hormone Solution alongside one of the Crazy Bulk’s combo stacks. 

These powders and supplements can help enhance your performance in the gym, helping you build strength, keep healthy, and shed fat. 

Losing weight may help you feel and look great, but if you want to get truly healthy, achieving your best performance in the gym is an absolute must!

Where Can You Buy the Over 30 Hormone Solution? 

The Over 30 Hormone Solution is currently only available to buy from their official website. While this can be a bit of an inconvenience, because it makes it harder to find their product and purchase it for yourself, it’s also a blessing in disguise.

When you know that this supplement is only available to buy, it means you can avoid any other website claiming to sell the hormone solution at a lower price. 

If you see this product being sold through any third-party retailer, you should automatically know that it’s a fake product, and the ingredients list can’t be trusted. 

While we understand that you may want to lose weight, and maybe eager to try this product, you shouldn’t put your health at risk by buying from risky, untrustworthy sellers. 

If you’re interested in buying this product, but you’re hesitant to jump straight in, then you might like to know that the brand is offering free shipping on their products. 

And if that isn’t enough, they also offer a generous returns policy on their products within 60 days if you aren’t 100% satisfied!

To Conclude – Should You Consider Buying This?

We’ve taken you through everything you could need to know about the Over 30 Hormone Solution, so what’s our verdict? 

It is a product that prides itself on using a unique blend of all-natural herbal ingredients to deliver results. 

It is free from any harmful toxins or other products that you might have some seriously bad reactions to, so you can use it safely in the knowledge that you’re using a healthy product.

While many weight loss pills and diet supplements have used dangerous ingredients that carry serious health risks, the Over 30 Hormone Supplement has steered clear of this to give you the results you need without compromising your health.  

This brand specifically markets towards women who may be struggling with their weight slightly later in life. Most brands target younger women who are trying to look their best while ignoring the very real struggles that older women face. 

It leaves them feeling alone and ignored, but luckily, if you fall into this category of women, this brand is here for you.