Ostomy belts: An unbiased comparison between stealth belt and comfort belt

Updated on April 5, 2019

Finding an ostomy belt that offers you proper support and works well according to your body type is exceptionally vital. You need to wear your ostomy belt 24/7; through the household chores to the hiking adventures. Before choosing the right ostomy belt, you need to consider the subtle differences between comfort belts and stealth belts concerning the convenience, support, and concealment. 

For the right ostomy belt solution according to your requirements look no further than the Ostomy belts by Stealth Belt. So, what are these differences between a comfort belt and a stealth belt? Let us have a detailed look based on the sizing, styling, ease of use, durability and other factors. 

About the Sizing

As is the case with most accessories you need the right size that suits you perfectly. With respect to ostomy belts, you do have a few different options available to you.

Comfort belt

This is a “one size that fits all” product. You do not need to take measurements to fit your device. While this has the distinct advantage of working well with variable sized ostomy devices but since it is not custom sized, you might find that the belt doesn’t fit properly. Perfect for both colostomy (left) and ileostomy (right), comfort belts have size options ranging from 26″ to 55″.

Stealth belt

When it comes to sizing, the stealth belt offers you more bang for your buck. You can customize the waist size, the flange size and the location of the stoma better than the comfort belt option. The waist size option ranges from 26″ to 46″ while the flange size varies between 1 3/4″ to 3 3/4″. However, keep in mind that you order your stealth belt once your weight has stabilized and you have made a choice regarding the ostomy device.

About the Style

Comfort belt

There are comfort belts available for men as well as women, but when it comes to style and color, you have one option. There are no options for customization or color. A standard Velcro strap secures the belt.

Stealth belt

The standard color option for stealth belt is black, but you do have the opportunity for customizing the colors at an additional cost. There are other customization options available for you as well including the size and the location of the stoma pouch as well. As additional features, you get a double locking closure system which makes the stealth belt option more stable compared to the comfort belt. In case of a single closure system, if you brush your side against another person, the Velcro strap might come undone. Due to the double locking system for the stealth belt, you can avoid potentially embarrassing scenarios.

About the Comfort

Both the options are quite comfortable since the ostomy belts require all around the clock use. Since the belts are fastened securely by the Velcro straps, you have the control to adjust the tightness of the belt according to your waist size. The belt material is soft, stretchy and smooth so that it works well for both the lean and the heavier ostomates. 

Comfort belt

These are made using 74% Polyamide and 26% Elastane thereby making the option quite comfortable for the users. Comfort belt is slightly on the softer side compared to the stealth belt, but the waistband is smaller along with the Velcro strap. This results in slipping of the belt when worn for long hours. However, due to the comfort factor, comfort belts are perfect for the hot and sweaty summer months.

Stealth belt

Stealth belts made out of a blend of Nylon and Lycra is the best available option for comfort. Many users confirm that the comfort factor of the stealth belt is like no other product on the market. The availability of the customization options for stealth belts makes it perfect for long time usage. You get a bit more fabric for the pouch pocket compared to the comfort belt as well as a significantly bigger Velcro hook part which makes for a secure attachment. 

About the Support and Security

Both options offer a high guarantee of safety and security. However, there are specific differences which mean some are more prone to leaks due to a tug and daily wear and tear. Let us have a look at which option is better when you are active and moving around. 

Comfort belt

Comfort belt has a much shorter waistband height; this makes the belt less secure than the stealth belt option. The comfort belt has a propensity for shifting when used for longer durations since the flange hole doesn’t fit snugly around the base of the ostomy device. Not the ideal option, if you want to take a joyride on a rollercoaster!

Stealth belt

If you are looking for the best support when it comes to ostomy belts, look no further than the stealth belt. The double locking system along with a bunch of other customization means that the flange cubby is perfect for any device dimensions and positioning. You can get yourself involved in sports and running activities with the stealth belt doing its thing correctly. 

About the durability

Since ostomy belts require wearing 24/7, longevity should play a vital role before you make your choice. Ostomy belts are like the second skin on your body while exercising, sports and sex. Both comfort belts and stealth belts require regular cleaning and maintenance to increase the lifespan. 

Comfort belt

Yes, many users do swear by the comfort belts, but the truth is they are much less durable than the stealth belts. The fabric used for the comfort belts makes for a less durable product with the Velcro hooks and straps getting damaged within a few months. The product also starts looking shabby, old and worn out after a few washes. 

Stealth belt

On the other hand, the nylon and the lycra option for a stealth belt make it a better choice as far as durability is concerned. The Velcro straps for the stealth belt works wonderfully even after months of usage, opening, and closing. Moreover, the stealth belts are machine-washable which makes it the ideal choice for users of differing abilities. 

That concludes our comparison for comfort belt and stealth belt. Make your choice after careful consideration of all the points as mentioned above to avoid making a costly mistake.

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