Online Marketing for Doctors: 3 Tips for Getting a Constant Stream of New Patients

Updated on April 3, 2020

Are you trying to figure out how to get more patients in your door, but your not sure where to start? Digital marketing can be a great way to reach new potential customers and it is also a great way to retain your current ones.

For the best online tips when it comes to marketing for doctors, keep reading. This guide will cover tips on online marketing that can take your company to the next level this year. 

1. Engagement is Everything 

Nothing helps patients trust you more than open communication with them. Using your staff can help with this. On social media as well as on your website, it’s a great idea to post photos and videos with your employees. 

These videos can be an informal introduction of staff members, explaining what they do, or they can be more educational.

Consider giving health advice, or explaining new equipment for engaging content that appears personal to viewers, but is actually promotional. Your staff is the face of your business, so it’s a great idea to use them in your online branding.  

Try asking your patients to tune into a live video where they can send in questions for a medical expert on your team to answer for them. This is a great way to build recognition and brand loyalty for your company.

With this method, your patients will feel like they are an important part of your company. Transparent healthcare marketing is a must for patients looking for doctors they can trust. 

2. Patient Experience is Key

Making sure your patient has a good experience with you will ensure that they will come back.

This also goes for their online experience, which is why it’s vital to make sure that your website is as usable as possible. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and that there are clear spaces for contact information, your location, and office hours. 

Make it easier for the patient and your office staff by working in an area on your site where patients can schedule appointments online. Make sure that your services are clearly outlined so that a patient can find what they’re looking for with convenience and ease. 

3. Re-Vamp Your Visuals 

Visuals are everything when it comes to digital marketing, so make sure yours are crystal clear and effective.

Visual content is much more appealing than big blocks of text, and are much more memorable for viewers. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s important to include informative graphics, photos, and videos on your site as well as your social media platforms. 

When you are including text, make sure it’s clear, concise and easy to read. The best way to grab your audience’s attention when they are scrolling through their feed is eye-catching visual content. 

A Guide on Marketing for Doctors

When it comes to marketing for doctors, engagement and compelling content are key to taking your marketing plan to the next level. Bring in new patients and retain old ones with these vital tips. 

For more on how to improve your patient retention, head to the “Patient Care” section of our site!

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