One Day I Went to Buy Kratom and this is My Experience

Updated on March 5, 2020

There are a lot of products nowadays that promise a lot of things. Energy, immune system boost, pain reliever and some even claiming to heal ailments that, out of respect, I really do not want to mention. Well, one day I came across such a product and I wanted to cast it aside as quickly as I did others but this one really caught my attention. For one, it is all natural so in my mind, it cannot possibly go as bad as most of the stuff I cram into my body. Just thinking about all the artificial goodness my body must be swimming in right now just makes me cringe. So, I did not have to think long and hard before deciding to buy Kratom. I am not going to spoil you with the details but it is probably one of my most interesting purchases.

Why I decided to Buy Kratom

It was like any other day and I particularly was not feeling well which, incidentally, has become the norm. My back was aching, my feet felt like it was walking on wet cement and I was so tired despite sleeping for a few hours longer than what I was used to. I felt like I was slowly succumbing to old age and being only 30, that was a problem.

Before anything else, I would like to point out that I have extreme confidence in the world of medical science. I would fight every anti-vaxxer I spot and I am generally non-skeptical about everything that my doctor tells me. So, when I came around an obscure website selling a weirdly green looking powdery substance, it did not take long for me to form an opinion about it. In the back of my mind, everything that the product is has to be something shady since I have never heard about it before. But, to that logic, no one has ever heard about a cancer cure before so maybe the reason why that is the case is because no one has ever stopped to listen. Convincing myself, I dove in and went into research mode.

The first few things I learned about Kratom are not particularly very positive but I keep going back to the few ecstatic people that have raved about the product. Similar to this article that I wrote, they detailed their experience on the product and gallantly described their approval of it. It felt like I was talking to a merchant selling me snake oil but I just cannot cast him as a nutjob because the article was hosted on a prestigious website.

One positive entry after another, I was convinced that I must have it. Then quicker than I could stand with my aching back, I sent an order for a 100g sample. It was not so expensive and if something goes wrong, it cannot possibly go horribly given the small dosage I would be trying.

The Great Unboxing After Buying Kratos

I was excited more than usual when the package arrived or it could just be my back happy that I am finally doing something about its pain. Once I opened the package, I saw a small cylindrical tin can reminiscent of the few products for older people that I keep in arms reach. It was nothing fancy but I could tell that the lid was airtight prompting me to lose any fears that the package could be compromised because of the poorly packaged box. I quickly unravelled the rest of the packaging looking for a manual on how to consume it but to know avail. The product is becoming more suspicious by the minute but I thought I was uncharacteristically down with this adventure. I searched online and apparently, I bought the tea version and I am supposed to consume it like so. But instead of a bag, apparently, I had to put some of it in hot water and sip it like tea. So I went ahead and opened it, and lo and behold, the green powdery substance in all its glory. I was ecstatic and not just because the powder really looked like it was prepared well. It was fine and seemed quite consistent. What got me is the smell and it was an experience I have never felt before. It had a calming scent like lavender and I just wanted to put it beside me while I sleep.

So, I opened my laptop and carefully followed the instructions that I found. It was really simple but granted that I had quite a small amount of Kratom, I wanted to make sure that I did it right. The temperature is right, and so is the amount of hot water and the thing to do is to mix them all together. I think I did it quite right as the color is quite attractive. It did not look like there was too much or too little kratom in there. At that point I was already the calmest I’ve been as I was enjoying the fumes of the tea passing through my nose. I could swear that I even forgot that I had back pains right then. 

Buying Kratos Was not a Mistake

It was the moment of truth and I am about to consume this green compound I bought from the mysterious east. I felt like that every second the was going slower and slower because I really am doing something that I have never done before and that is to consume something medical that was not vetted by my doctor.

The first gulp did not really leave a mark. It was as if I was sipping regular tea with a bit of a stronger smell and a bit more bitter aftertaste. I was ready to call the experiment a failure but then after sipping again, something kicked in. I do not know if it was the second sip that had a stronger concentration or I was just reeling from the effects of the first one. But, the experience was magical and I was in Kratom heaven.

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