Now Is the Best Time to Be a Nurse in Norway

Updated on October 13, 2020

Norway has one of the highest standards of living on earth in addition to exquisite natural beauty and friendly citizens. This northwestern European country, known as the land of Fjords, is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in Europe because of its booming economy, modernized and innovative industries, first-rate healthcare, and an exceptional education system. Life expectancy in Norway is steadily on the rise, expanding the need for more and more nurses throughout the next 10 years. There is no other profession facing a bigger shortage of qualified employees than nursing. If you have ever thought about relocating to a wonderful country where you can safely live and raise a family, now is the time to check out all that Norway has to offer.

Living in Norway

Nurses looking for work should sincerely consider a career in Norway because the profession in this country has some of the highest job satisfaction rates in the world. Living in the Land of the Midnight Sun has plenty to offer people of all ages. 

There are more than 450,000 freshwater lakes that were formed by glaciers and more than 50,000 islands surrounding the mainland, creating many perfect locations for you to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty. There are also nearly 83,000 kilometers of coastline to explore. This gorgeous landscape allows residents to enjoy fishing, hiking, and almost year-round skiing. If you prefer to live in a more urban area, cities support outdoor lifestyles with a lot of walking and cycling paths as well as gyms and local sporting teams.

Norwegian society celebrates their elevated standard of living with extensive exceptional housing options. Residents take great pride in their homes and make sure to include all the modern conveniences. Many residences are decorated with bright colors that highlight the natural beauty of their regional environment. If you plan to rent a residence, many properties come already furnished making moving in extremely easy.

This nation is focused on people spending time with family members. To help make that happen, most companies offer a 7.5-hour workday and a 37.5-hour workweek to accommodate family life. In addition, most organizations do not expect their employees to work nights and weekends so you can instead focus on your loved ones. This, in conjunction with a relatively low national crime rate, make this an excellent region for raising children and caring for elderly relatives.

National Healthcare

Everyone who lives in Norway, both citizen and resident alike, is covered by national health insurance known as the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). Yes, even non-natives who work at national companies are included in this coverage. That means that 100% of the nation’s residents and citizens need to be taken care of by skilled nurses. With an increasing population, it is expected that there will be a shortage of trained nurses in the near future. A recent study noted that even if 20% more trained healthcare workers were to enter the workforce, there will still not be enough staff to care for the patients in the national system. With some of the highest salary rates in the world, one of those in-demand caretakers could be you.

All doctor visits are covered by the NIS, also known as Folketrygd. This means all children and adults receive universal health treatments including visits to doctors and specialists, as well as coverage for all necessary surgeries. Most residents speak multiple languages, including English, but to be a nurse you must pass a language examination in Norwegian. If you have completed specialized nursing training, such as that for a surgical nurse, you are able to assist surgeons, operate the equipment in the surgical theater, and monitor the vital signs of the patient throughout these procedures. That expertise is in high demand.

With terrific wonderful natural scenery, plenty to see and do in both rural and urban settings, working in a safe and friendly country like Norway is definitely something you should be contemplating when looking for your next nursing job. Great pay rates coupled with an increasing demand for the qualifications you have attained in the healthcare industry make this the perfect time to explore a career in Norway.

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