Nootropics: The Overall Effects On Your Brain

Updated on March 25, 2021

Those who are just entering the nootropics sphere are more likely than not being bombarded with words like “stack” and “choline receptors,” among other fancy scientific terms. It can all be a bit overwhelming. Some people take several different nootropics in a single day, and it can be difficult to narrow down exactly why some were included over others.

Learning all about nootropics has to be done piecemeal, bit by bit, until a satisfactory understanding is achieved. We’ll cover exactly why people take adrafinil by listing all of its positive effects on the human body. Adrafinil is related to another popular smart drug called modafinil. In fact, adrafinil is a product to modafinil, meaning the body metabolizes adrafinil into modafinil via the liver. The only major difference between the two is that adrafinil takes slightly longer to kick in, due to the fact that it has to be metabolized first.

Here’s why someone might want to take adrafinil:

Increased wakefulness and energy

Adrafinil is noted for its energy-boosting abilities. It’s often used by people who wish to study or work for long periods of time without having to deal with physical or mental fatigue. Adrafinil is most commonly dosed at about 300 mg (like the adrafinil found at, which is usually more than enough to feel these stimulatory effects. Most often, adrafinil is compared to stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin, except adrafinil is much less powerful than those drugs, but also doesn’t significantly increase anxiety levels in those who choose to take it. In fact, the main metabolite, modafinil, is given to pilots by the U.S. military to enable them to fly during long missions without losing their edge.  It turns out that nootropic drinks are safe and do not compromise your health. Another good news is that they are not an exclusive dietary complement. You can find your nootropic energy drink on a few trustable websites out there.

Increased motivation

As an effect common to most stimulants, adrafinil is noted for its ability to drastically increase an individual’s motivation to complete a given task. Users frequently report a razor-sharp focus and a nearly irresistible drive to accomplish things. Because of this, people frequently take adrafinil before doing monotonous tasks or things they have difficulty committing to normally.

Increased overall cognitive function

Either because of or in conjunction with the benefits mentioned earlier, people take adrafinil for its positive effects on human cognition. After taking adrafinil, users report an increased ability to process and store information, as well as an increased ability to recall information they have previously learned. Adrafinil is a favorite for people who often find themselves racing to finish a test before their time’s up, since they can process information at a much faster pace after consuming the drug.


All of the above benefits point to adrafinil being a powerful mental enhancer. We live in an extremely fast-paced world where many of us are scrambling to get as much done in as little time as possible. For those who don’t want to sacrifice quality in this pursuit, adrafinil is a common solution. Not only that, adrafinil is commonly added in most people’s medley of nootropics (referred to as a “stack”) because it can balance out some of the drowsiness other nootropics may contribute to.

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