The No-Excuses, Post-Workout Guide to Being Fabulous

Updated on December 17, 2014

I know what you’re thinking. “I can’t workout today—I just had my hair done!” Trust me, I’m all too familiar with that post-hairstylist excuse. And that’s what it is: an excuse. Am I right? I know a few other gems, too: “I have an early morning meeting,” “I have a date after work,” “I’m just too fabulous to sweat today.” Been there. Yes, you can still get your workout in and retain your fabulous status. You simply need to load up on the right tools. Here’s where to start.

Bag: Hold Up

You need three bags. I know that sounds excessive, but stay with me. First, you need a durable wet/dry bag for your workout clothes. Invest in a machine washable one with a waterproof lining. Second, you need a cute cosmetics bag to hold all your little secrets—touch-up makeup, hair accessories, emergency nail file and perfume samples for last-minute dabbing.

Finally, you need a superwoman bag. This is key. You don’t want to show up at that dinner party with a sloppy sports bag. That delicious tall tote from Coach? A definite yes. Plus, you need secure spaces for your gadgets. Don’t skimp here, ladies.

Face & Body: No Sweat

I’m a huge fan of cleansing wipes. How did we ever live without them? You’ll find a variety on the makeup aisle of your local drugstore. You can use facial cleansing wipes for your body, too, if you decide to skip the shower. If you’re a heavy sweater, consider bigger guns like disposable wash clothes or sports wipes such as Paper Shower or Action Wipes.

Body powders are also your friend. Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder is one of my favorites. The kaolin absorbs moisture while grated cocoa butter gives it a silky feel. Love it. Same goes for your face. Once you’ve retouched your makeup, dab your face with a blotting tissue to absorb any last drops of sweat.

Hair: Lock It Down

If you do decide to jump in the shower and you’ve got high-maintenance hair, keep your locks on lockdown. Before you hit the shower, give your head the dry shampoo treatment. I like to use both a powder and a spray. A powder absorbs oils while the sprays usually have a more fragrant aroma to hide smells. After applying, brush the dry shampoo through your hair from roots to ends, clip your hair up in a bun and pop on a shower cap. After your shower, shake your hair out and hit the ends with a hot iron if you have time.

Hair not cooperating? It happens. Always have bobby pins and a teasing comb tucked in your superwoman bag for a sexy, loose bun. Use the comb to give your crown a quick tease, twirl your hair into a top knot and secure it with the pins. Voilà.

Clothes: The Layering Effect

I have one word for you: Layer. It’s the only way to dash from a vigorous workout to a meeting or a dinner date. Your body needs time to cool down and once it does, you’ll want that sweater, shawl or chic leather jacket.

That’s all for now. Keep on walking, working out and being fabulous!

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