New Sensors Can Detect Vaping, Smoking, and THC to Make School Bathrooms Safer

Updated on January 9, 2021

Originally advertised as a safe alternative to smoking and a means of helping people quit cigarettes, vaping has gone completely out of hand. Teenagers have ended up being the ones who statistically vape the most and although the use of e-cigarettes has actually slightly dropped this year, as explained by this useful source, teenage vaping remains a huge issue. Is there, however, anything that can be done about it?

Even if you are one of those parents who have managed to forbid this harmful habit to your children while they are at home, the simple truth is that they won’t always be at home. That’s when your actual power of forbidding the activity falls short. Deciding to lock the children up or follow them around everywhere they go is not an option since it can have a significantly negative impact on their mental health and that’s not what you are aiming for.

Where do teenagers spend most of their time when they aren’t at home? I guess you know this one, don’t you? They spend most of their time at school, which is why schools should assume a huge amount of responsibility when it comes to eradicating the harmful vaping and smoking habits. What’s more, schools are usually where teenagers develop these habits in the first place and somebody should definitely do something about it.

Well, somebody is definitely doing something about it. Schools are deciding to fight back instead of simply sit tight and wait for the situation to take on a different course all on its own. Fact is, it probably won’t take on a different course on its own, without a little push from the authorities, both at home and at school. That’s why it is of utmost importance for schools do to something about it and, as we will quickly see, they are actually taking some right measures towards solving the problem.

I suppose you are now wondering which measures I am talking about exactly. If you take a quick look at, you will see that there are now sensors that can detect vaping, smoking, as well as any traces of THC, which can make schools and specifically school bathrooms a lot safer. Bathrooms are, of course the area in which teenagers hide in order to take a puff or two, thinking that there won’t be any consequences.

The sensors I am talking about are called vape detectors and it’s time to take a closer look at them, so that we can figure out whether these can actually be as helpful as they are advertised to be. In case you are thinking of adding the sensors to your school, you definitely need to do some learning beforehand. After all, you don’t want to end up paying for equipment that won’t work. So, let’s check out what these are and whether they actually work in making school premises safer.

What Are Vape Detectors?

Vape detectors are usually Wi-Fi connected devices that can, as the name says it, detect vaping in those areas where children usually go thinking they are safe from prying eyes and thus engage in this unhealthy activity. Some of these devices can even detect THC oils and similar substances, which is definitely a huge plus when it comes to making sure that school premises are smoke, vape and THC free. These detectors are actually the newest and the most effective measure for preventing this kind of harmful behavior among teenagers.

Let us be completely hones here. The teenagers engaging in these kinds of activities are not only damaging their own health, but also the health of other students, since they all get to share the same bathrooms. Usually, those areas area filled with smoke in case some of these students are resorting to smoking instead of vaping and that can certainly have a significantly negative impact on everyone’s health.

Now, vaping is a completely different story from smoking when it comes to the residues and smells, which is why many teenagers tend to think that they can never actually be discovered. Well, the truth is that they probably couldn’t have been discovered before. Nowadays, though, schools have decided to fight back with vape detectors and that is making the whole premises a lot safer for everyone.

The best part of these devices probably lies in the fact that, when such an abnormality is detected, a signal is sent to the administrators, who can then decide to step in and stop the activity. This could actually be the new best thing that happened to schools in quite a while now. All that’s necessary is for everyone to recognize the value of the devices and add them to their premises.

How Can These Make Schools Safer?

If it isn’t perfectly clear to you how these devices can actually make schools safer, let me explain it in a bit more details. As we all already know, bathrooms are probably the only unsupervised areas in these institutions and that is exactly where teenagers tend to go if they are about to engage in an activity that is forbidden, such as smoking or vaping. Not to mention the fact that marijuana has made its way to schools precisely because of these unsupervised areas.

While you cannot exactly put cameras in the bathrooms, there is now this simple thing you can do in order to ensure that no such activities are being conducted on the premises. As explained above, vape detectors work by sending a signal to someone in charge the moment they detect smoking, vaping and even THC oils and similar products containing this harmful substance. When the signal is sent out, the person can show up in the area and stop the activity.

After this happens a few times, teenagers will want to avoid getting in trouble by vaping and smoking in the bathroom because they will now be aware of the fact that these activities cannot actually go undetected. That will make the bathrooms much safer (check this out) and since other areas are usually supervised, it will consequently make the whole school much safer. There is a small chance that teenagers will want to risk getting caught once they hear that these sensors have been placed in the bathrooms.

Consequently, those children who never actually engaged in such activities will also be much safer because they won’t be exposed to the smoke or tempted to give it a try. It goes without saying that only a few individuals are enough to get a lot of other students hooked on activities such as smoking and vaping. Thus, if those individuals are prevented from exercising these activities on school premises, a lot of teenagers won’t get in touch with these harmful substances at all. Consequently, they won’t develop these habits that are dangerous for their health.

So, if you are thinking about whether these devices could actually be useful for your particular school, I say yes. Vape detectors can definitely be game changers both in the short and in the long run. When looking to make the premises safer, this is certainly the first thing you should think about installing.

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