New Medical Foster Home Program at Butler VA

Home Caregivers for Veterans Needed


The Butler VA Health Care System is seeking caregiver applicants for its new Medical Foster Home (MFH) Program. Medical Foster Homes are private homes in which a trained caregiver provides services to one to three individuals. MFH provides a choice for Veterans who are unable to live independently and prefer a family setting.

“Caregivers work in their own home and earn an income by providing a home and family for Veterans with health care needs,” said Butler VA’s Medical Foster Home Coordinator Inger Jensen. “This type of environment really enhances the lives of the Veterans and the extraordinary caregivers who accept these Veterans into their homes.”

MFH caregivers provide care and supervision 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Butler VA’s Home-Based Primary Care Team provides in-home primary care services from an interdisciplinary team and educates the MFH caregiver of individual Veteran care needs. The MFH Coordinator also visits Veterans to ensure their needs are being met and that the Veteran feels safe and comfortable in the home.

The MFH Coordinator screens and interviews all prospective caregivers and ensures that criminal background checks and health screenings are completed. The VA inspects and approves the homes annually or as needed. Homes must meet VA regulations, including fire and safety.

“Medical Foster Homes are just one of the ways we are working to better support aging Veterans. The program also provides a unique way for individuals to serve Veterans who have served us,” added Jensen.

Those interested in becoming a Medical Foster Home Caregiver or learning more about this opportunity should contact the Butler VA’s MFH Coordinator at 878-271-6723. Additional information is available at: