New Concentrated Study Responds to the Demand for Effective Telehealth

Updated on March 26, 2022

The Chatham University School of Health Sciences is now offering a new Telehealth Certificate of Completion program that trains healthcare professionals on the best methods for providing trusted, efficient, and effective online health consultations to their remote patients.

Telehealth is a fast-growing field that enables medical providers, therapists, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals to connect with patients across town or in faraway rural or global communities.

Chatham’s new program is designed to help healthcare providers quickly become proficient with the technologies and techniques required to provide high-quality patient care through online channels and expand the capacity and innovation of telehealth services beyond pandemic-era.

Chatham’s Telehealth Certificate program consists of a fully online 12-credit certificate that focuses on different forms of telecommunication technology, project management, virtual engagement, and the protection and security of electronic health information. The program offers a rolling admission and is ideal for professionals who currently work in a health system and offer or intend to offer telehealth services. 

“The demand for effective telehealth options has skyrocketed during the COVID–19 pandemic as patients and healthcare providers seek safe and convenient alternatives to in-person visits, both to avoid risk of infection from interpersonal contact and to create more scheduling flexibility for working parents or caregivers,” says Debra Wolf, PhD., Director of the Chatham Healthcare Informatics Program. “But as with online education, telehealth is a very different experience than in-person therapy or healthcare, which means providers must learn new best practices for delivering online healthcare in order to ensure their telehealth services meet their patients’ needs comprehensively, effectively, and securely.” 

Chatham University is an Academic Educational Partner of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and has a strong academic foundation in Healthcare Informatics, which makes its School of Health Sciences uniquely well-positioned to offer this pioneering telehealth program. 

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