New-age dentistry can take away your dental woes

Updated on June 9, 2020

Everyone wants to flaunt their best smile possible! That depends on your overall dental health and hygiene. Healthy teeth and gums are a result of good dental habits. It means, other than brushing and flossing, and you also check with a dentist when there’s a cavity, toothache, gum swelling, gum disease, and the like.

Additionally, there are times when a person is born a dental issue or witness an accident. For instance, swelling gums can be a childhood dental problem that sometimes people are born with. Also, issues like missing teeth and chipped teeth can be an outcome of an accident. A new-age cosmetic or restorative dentist can work wonders. To know more, you can get in touch with a Mission BC Dentist

The modern-day cosmetic, preventive, and restorative dentistry provide solutions to most dental issues. Some of the best solutions include the following:

1. Dental cleaning 

It is not the standard cleaning that you do at home. The dentists here and at scan your dental structure carefully and remove the layers of plaque and other stains. The wash and floss to remove minute debris hidden in the corners of the teeth. And finally, they whiten your teeth to make it look good. It gives you the confidence to face interviews and other meetings in your life with high confidence and zest.

2. Dental implants

Sudden accidents or tooth decay can often cause teeth to fall-out! Missing teeth is never a good thing for your dental structure. It weakens the gums and also hampers the facial aesthetics. The problem can get solved with dental implants. The process includes placing a post inside the dental root after treating the infected or affected roof. Once the post gets placed, the dentist plants a dental crown atop it. The crown looks identical to human teeth. If maintained correctly, the process lasts for a lifetime. 

3. Advanced root canal therapy

All tooth infections start at the tooth root! When your gum swells because of an infected tooth, the dentist needs to treat that using RCT (Root Canal Treatment). The dentist removes the infected nerves from the tooth and places a post inside the root. The process gets sealed by placing a dental crown that resembles an original teeth structure. Both dental transplants and root canal are somewhat similar procedures.

4. Partial and full dentures

Full dentures are perfect for older/aging adults with missing teeth in the upper and lower jaw. However, if you have more than two or three teeth missing on either part of the jaw, you can opt-in for a partial denture, if you don’t wish to get a single or double dental transplant.  

5. Treating gum ailments

There are times when gum issues result in acute pain. Problems, like swelling gums, periodontal pain, and gum cysts, can often cause difficulty in chewing food. Modern-day dentists heal these issues by prescribing medicated pastes, mouth wash, and other treatment modalities.

There are several other dental treatments like dental braces, mercury removal, TMJ treatment, and the like you can opt-in for. Even when you have nothing wrong with your dental structure, opting in for a check-up every six months is beneficial.

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